Many issues after upgrading to 1.0

I’ve been running /e/OS on a Fairphone 3 for about a year without any major issues. I upgraded to v1.0-20220526188859 the other day, and my phone’s performance has shot straight through the floor.

Just pressing the camera button to turn on the screen usually has a ~1 second delay, as does every other interaction with the phone — when typing, I can get a few words out before the keypresses even animate, and when they do all of the pressed keys flash up at the same time and stay there for a second or two.

Worse, I can no longer set my phone up as a Wi-Fi hotspot whilst also connecting it to a Wi-Fi network — activating one automatically deactivates the other, which makes hotspotting useless unless I want to burn through all my mobile data.

And earlier today, the clock at the top of the display froze for about an hour until I rebooted the device.

  1. Is anyone else experiencing these issues?
  2. How can I roll back to a pre-1.0 version of /e/OS?

Update 2022-06-10: The phone is running hot and battery life has reduced, suggesting that something is running in the background and taking up a lot of CPU processing time (hence the slowdowns). I’ve not received any Battery Manager warning about specific apps though.

That doesn’t explain why the indicator bar at the top keeps freezing though; this time it froze with my battery at 23% and wouldn’t show that the phone was charging when I plugged it in, but going to Settings > Battery showed that it was actually at 13% (the warning LED was on) and was charging successfully.

Also, WhatsApp seems to have stopped working properly too — the mobile app works normally, but most messages are no longer showing up on the Web client:


There are several issues that are known and team is working hard to fix them.

From my side, I get frequent crashes of “app lounge” store app as well some apps that disconnect from the network after a while. (only solution is to completely reinstall them)

A part from that, V1.0 runs fine and smooth on my Redmi Note 7 Lavender.

A new upgrade including critical fixes should be released around 21 to 25 June, so we just need to wait about 2 weeks and situation should be improved…


The OS version before the last update should be available on the now inactive OS slot of the two OS slots. Be prepared to do a factory reset (may or may not be necessary).

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That’s a pain, but hopefully the next upgrade will resolve the issues. I’ve never seen something go from such an impressively-stable 0.x release to such a broken 1.x one before.

Additional issues:

  • Can’t access App Lounge, it crashes every time
  • Camera routinely fails to load, saying the camera is already in use by another application (and it is in use, by the Camera app, which I then can’t force kill)
  • Location doesn’t work when I set it to ‘Use my real location’ in the Advanced Privacy settings - it jumps to Chicago and then continues loading forever