Mi8 with MyPhoneExplorer

Hello, I state that I am a new user, I connect my Mi8 USB to the windows10 PC and it is detected, MyPhoneExplorer app says no USB device connected.
MyPhoneExplorer works with Huawei P20 with USB Debugging

Can anyone help me? Thanks

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Hello, welcome in the community :slight_smile:

In the notification menu, did you change the Charge only mode to Transfer file mode ?

Yes, I have enabled file transfer mode, with my file manager I can access the files,
MyPhoneExplore instead does not recognize Mi8 with USB connection, while it works with Bluetooth

Will MyPhoneExplorer need goolag services ? :thinking:

thanks @harvey186, but I do not know what are goolag services, I know that with Huawei I have to enable USB Debug, maybe I should find something similar in Xiaomi Mi8?

for what do you need this phone explorer ??
files you can transfer via PC file explorer.
calender, contacs, pictures, and so on are synced via edrive.
Backup you can do via TWRP.

What are you missing ??

MyPhoneExplorer is convenient for synchronizing contacts and calendar with my other devices that are not / e /. I am new to / e / definitely have to find a way to manage it.