microG now supports Exposure Notifications API; when does it get updated in /e/?

With version 0.2.12 MicroG now supports the Corona Warn App.
I would like to install it on my Sony Xperia Z5 with /e/ installed.
When can I expect that microG gets updated on /e/? Or is there a way for me to manually update it?

Edit: currently microG v0.2.10 from Nov 1, 2019 is installed, so microG didn’t get the update to v0.2.11 from Jul 26 yet :confused:


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I hope ‘never’!!!


Glad to read this, very appreciated. I was looking just now into an alternative option.
I also think it is good it disabled by default, very much in line with the philosophy as I understand it.


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It’s impossible for you not to spam this topic with such postings, right?


It’s my personal thought about this post. If you have another meaning, OK, I accept it. So pls also accept my position. Thx

I totally accept your position, although I can neither share nor understand it.
But you always point people to other threads, because you tell them that their posts are off-topic, like here https://community.e.foundation/t/new-microg-feature/19813/43? or here https://community.e.foundation/t/new-microg-feature/19813/16? if they don’t agree with their opinion.

The thread owner didn’t ask about your hopes but asked a question about a time frame. So, I guess your post is very off-topic.

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This discussion will be off topic of the post. So I will stop here.

It has been more then two weeks since the original post and I have gotten two updates of /e/. Sadly microG hasn’t been updated. It would be great to have the Exposure Notifications API on /e/. Then I could finally stop carrying two phones around everywhere. :-/

Please see all the other posts regarding covid app

See this post for details of how to update microG to a version that does have the API

follow this guide, it worked perfect for me https://www.andnixsh.com/2020/01/how-to-install-unsigned-apk-root-method.html

If you have root with Magisk, you have an option to upgrade MicroG through a version of MicroG in Magisk Module format

or use my GSI :)) …

Two more possibilities (Magisk microG_installer and microG F-Droid repository):