Microsoft Authenticator in /e/ 1.0

Just wanted to put it out there - in case somebody else is searching the forums on how to make Microsoft Authenticator work.

I had to enable Google Device registration, under settings/system/migroG. Without this, MS Authenticator refused to add any account - currently all my accounts in MS Authenticator are with “automatic popup” rather than with OTP (one time code), so I don’t know if the OTP function still requires device registration.

No permissions required for the app (I had to give it camera permissions so I can scan the QR code, but I removed these after the accounts registration).

Still looking for what setting is needed to make Outlook connect to an O365 account (that doesn’t work yet, for me).

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As mentioned in the thread linked below, in case you have missing functionality in Microsoft apps, there is a chance you can resolve with by allowing some of the trackers (for me in “Outlook” it was the “Mobile Engagement” Tracker, all others are blocked). Maybe this helps.

Thank you for the suggestion, Raffael. Unfortunately, it didn’t do it for me - I disabled all tracker blocking for the Outlook app and it still tells me “an error has occurred” after I put my email address (I don’t even get to choose what kind of email account I’m trying to connect to).

It seems to be some sort of a timeout issue (it takes very long before it fails).

Haven’t tried Teams yet.

Just a quick update on this one: I ended up reinstalling /e/ (I wanted the “stable” version).

After the reinstall, the apps still didn’t work and this is what fixed it for me:

  1. google device registration was on (by default)
  2. configured privacy to show my real IP and my real location
  3. installed apps. Allowed all trackers on MS Authenticator. Added the appropriate accounts in it (especially the ones to be used with Outlook and Teams)
  4. Once that was done, teams and outlook worked flawlessly (trying to connect to them before fully configuring authenticator, failed no matter what I tried).
  5. Once all 3 software installed, I blocked trackers for MS Authenticator, changed location to a fake one (but in the same country to prevent the Exchange Online location filters to trigger and configured a fake IP for all apps, except these three. I also disabled google device registration and the apps seem to still be working fine.

One word of warning: during account configuration, if Outlook or teams detect weird things - like seeing your IP pointing to one country (Random IP enabled) but your location pointing to other, they show an “unspecified error” as soon as you specify the username (you don’t get to even reach the password step) and then you have to completely remove the app (to purge all the app-related local caches), before it works again, no matter what other system changes you make.

The above was on a Samsung Galaxy 7 edge, with /e/ 1.2 stable. No guarantees this will work for everybody, but it worked for me.