Mini /e/ palm phone

Hello world

Palm made a tiny phone but with android inside so with /e/OS this phone could be just the best phone ever.

Whatch this video

And the website

What do you think ?

We need you on this @GaelDuval :wave:


Wonderful device! :heart_eyes_cat:
It’s a shame that almost no smaller devices are produced any more. I haven’t found a reasonably recent one that would run /e/OS or any other custom ROM.

What do I want to do with a 6 inch screen? Watch movies? Nope, I want at least 20 inches for that, please. And I only do the most necessary typing on touchscreens anyway.

That’s why I’m using a Z5 Compact with /e/OS or an S4 Mini with DivestOS. It’s enough for my purposes.
But a device like the Mini Palm is really a big gap. It would be great if it could be de-googled.


Totaly agree we just need to filter by years the devices supported by /e/

Screens are bigger years after years.

Smartphone definitely take too much space and attention in our lives

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Third time lucky?
The looking glass icon top right of the page is a search function :wink:

Show me that the community seems not interested in small phone :sweat_smile:

Finally a part of the community is interested :sweat_smile:

The Palm Phone is very limited in use.

Palm Phone (Unlocked) is primarily for the North American market as only these seven 4G LTE frequencies are supported [Band (Mhz)]:
2 (1900), 4 (1700), 5 (850), 12 (700), 13 (700), 17 (700), 66 (2100).

The elementary bands for Europe and Asia are not supported:
1 (2100), 3 (1800), 7 (2600), 20 (800), 28 (700).

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I really need a good small-screen smartphone. Almost all latest devices have large screens :frowning:

2 Likes produce a few variants of Jelly.


Yes, there are a small number of small smartphones. But I have yet to discover a reasonably recent one that is supported by /e/OS (or another custom ROM that can de-google it). Finding anything smaller than 5 inches has been seemingly impossible since 2016.

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3.2-inch LG Optimus L3 E400 Android 2.3 (LG-E400) 2012 :heart:

H 102.6mm
W 61.6mm
D 11.9mm