Most recent /e/ OS version for Galaxy S9+

I want to flash my old Samsung Galaxy S9+ (Exynos CPU) with /e/. Currently the phone runs Android 10.
Easy Installer did not work, so I want to try this guide.
I clicked on the link to download the latest /e/ OS, but thats the point where I stuck. This are the available downloads.
How do I know which of them is the most recent? The first or the last one? And how can I be sure, the latest /e/ OS-version is based on Android 10? It seems this is important, because there is a warning in the guide, downgrading a phone could brick it.

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

In the file name, you find those indications :

e = /e/OS
0.16 = /e/OS build version
q = based
20210424112062 = build date
dev = build branch
star2lte = device codename

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thank you piero. This means I can not flash my phone because all /e/OS versions are based on android 8.1, none on Android 10? It looks like it is possible to upgrade a phone already flashed with Oreo to Q, but right now the phone is running stock Android 10. So flashing /e/ OS Oreo would mean a downgrade, which may brick my device (as stated here “Downgrading Smartphones already on Android Q or LineageOS 17.x to Pie or other OS can cause instability or at worst brick some devices”)
Is it possible to say how likely it is, I destroy my phone?

The dev build for Q/10 is here👇

  • /e/OS build : dev
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Why do you not use the /e/ dev build for Android 10/Q ?

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Perhaps difficult to perceive diff between dev and stable?

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