Moto g5s - "montana"


+1 vote. Can get a family member on board with /e/ once this is supported. (I think I saw an unofficial version a member on here built somewhere)

Edit: Found the topic: Pi/e/ test ROM for the Moto G5S "montana"

Courtesy of @andrelam

I would love to see a version for this phone.

+1 vote. I would also like to install /e/OS on this phone.

You can try out my new unofficial Q-build for Motorola G5s (montana). It’s untested so make a backup first and share your experience…

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Hello ! I’m also very interested in getting /e/OS on this phone. It will allow me to extend its lifetime.

+1 vote for Motorola Moto G5S (montana)

Thank you in advance !

Hi all ! LineageOS is available for this device. It would be great to get an official /e/ build for it too !
I also vote for it, +1.

Thanks :wink:

This post can be closed as this device is now supported by /e/ : Info about Motorola Moto G5S - montana
Thanks a lot to the dev community to allow us to de-google-ify this device !