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This is a suggestion for all devices (or at least all TWRP compatible devices).

Once TWRP is installed, why not suggest to the user to boot into TWRP > Backup > select every boxes and swipe to backup, then transfer the backup on a laptop or do nothing if the backup up has been made on a SDcard.

This way, even if the installation doesn’t work, the user can still restore the system (and data).

One case for which this would have been useful :

This is the official TWRP version of what to backup

Hi. It was getting ERROR 7 when I tried to install /e/ in Peregrine with TWRP 3.4.0-0. But it worked fine with 3.3.1-0. Maybe this worth to be in installation guide.

It seems to happened here too:

Hi @aleam, this issue with 3.4.x.x version of TWRP has been reported across devices and is being added to the documentation.
Wanted to clarify one point - which version of the Stock OS were you on earlier.
I was doing some testing on some other devices and found that coming from Q version of the OS requires the 3.4.x.x ver of TWRP …need to do some more testing around this if time permits

Hi @Manoj, the stock was 5.1 (model XT1040)