Motorola Moto G5 (cedric)

Searching for mobile phones with an easily-replacable battery becomes more and more difficult. The Moto G5 is one of those while being still a very good option when comparing price to feature set. I would be very happy to see an /e/ build for the model! :slight_smile:


I’m looking for a while to leave Android. I will be very glad to test eelo on moto g5!

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Would also be happy to see /e/ for this model!

I know there are Mama G5 Cedric users out there…include me too…So i would bei happy to See /e/ in my Moto G5 Cedric

Here is one more Moto G5 user who would be very happy if there will be /e/ for the device!

one more moto g5 user

I would also be interested in an e image for the moto G5.
Many thanks in advance

Indeed there is a LineageOS for the Moto G5 (cedric) (note I haven’t tried it yet). I’m not sure how much work is necessary to go from there to an /e/ and who could do/help.

In any case I would be happy to have a /e/ solution for my Moto G5.


I have now installed the LineageOS cedric 17.1 (android 10) on my moto g5 and it behaves very well. I installed without the Gapps package and I’m using Fdroid and apkpure as appstore.

So far I’m quite happy with the operation of the phone.

I’m not sure how much work there is too go from the LineageOS package to the /e/ package and what the real objective benefits would be. Any advice / insight is welcome.

Please find a build here.

cedric is now officially supported, in R beta.
Untested yet, hope it will improve camera app stability which is not stable on my Pie build. Will give it a try when I have time :slight_smile: