Motorola Moto G5 Plus (potter)

  • model code: xt1685
  • supported stock android version: nougat, oreo
  • run currently under: official vendor oreo

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I’m going to try to build one ROM myself (as the model cedric is supported and I think is possibly close to this one). Any directions would be very welcome :bowing_man:.

they’d have different SoCs, g5+ vs g5: snapdragon 625 vs 430

You can find at least 2 threads (arrowos, crdroid) on xda for potter that link kernel+device sources and proprietary binaries if you can’t extract them from your stock before flashing. There’s an unofficial lineage, but I don’t see source links easily.

add 2-3 of those to your roomservice.xml manifest before building. You’ll see how each repo relates to the xml

(if you go ahead, people at Moto G5 Plus (Potter) Support will be interested)

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Thanks @tcecyk for the links and possible directions :bowing_man:

can you tell me where can I share my attempt? Is the subcategory Unofficial build the right one?

If your attempt succeeded and you host an image somehwere, then yes.

If you have questions, the build category is the best place - Build /e/OS - /e/ community