Motorola Moto g50 XT2137-1, Ibiza (will receive /e/?)

Hi, do you know if the Motorola Moto g50 XT2137-1 is planned to receive /e/ os support?

Are you able to identify the device codename? This identifies XT2137-1: Motorola Moto G50 - Full phone specifications while this Motorola Moto G50 Ibiza technical specifications :: identifies codename ibiza, Qualcomm Snapdragon 480, but not actually XT2137-1 except through the Amazon link.

The ibiza has a thread here for GSI How To Guide - GSI Install guide for Motorola G50 and 5G | XDA Forums

Yes, it is moto g⁵⁰ (XT2137-1) with codename reteu :blush:

I have also uodated the topic of this conversation :innocent:

Sorry, less success with (Moto + reteu) Search results for query: Moto reteu | XDA Forums, edit now seeing Moto G5 New Update (March) | XDA Forums and What is the latest patch, or what is the latest update for reteu device | XDA Forums

Out of ideas, I think reteu may refer to a Software channel


so where should I look for codename? could it be in the box somewhere?

You could try here [HOWTO] Find device codename :slight_smile:

according to this website codename is Ibiza

So from my first post we learn (13th November 2021) he found no TWRP, but reports a method to install GSI by fastbootd.

Probably too new to look for /e/ very soon but …

How to /e/ on a non supported device?

Is it important to have LineageOS for the device in the first place? :innocent: If yes, this means that waiting for the LOS os is the first step in this case :thinking:

This is what I’ve found when I wanted to ask for LOS on Moto G50 Ibiza :innocent:
But this sounds not too much promising at the moment :sob:

And it seems like twrp for this device does not exist yet :sob: :sob: :sob:

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Hi @Ana.117 you are back to the point Post #2!

As TwelwePL | XDA Forums was good enough to make a video, How To Guide - GSI Install guide for Motorola G50 and 5G | XDA Forums to demonstrate his process, how far are you prepared to launch into the unknown and see if you can learn to follow his method, in combination with How to /e/ on a non supported device?

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