Mozilla Location Service is being retired?

According to this Retiring the Mozilla Location Service · Issue #2065 · mozilla/ichnaea ( it looks like Mozilla Location Service is being retired. Is this correct? What does this mean for location services on /e/ OS? @Manoj can you check on this?

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Thanks for the update. In the currently active conversation (including @mar-v-in) Mozilla Classify Client,, is mentioned. This proposes

GeoIP Database
A GeoIP database will need to be provided.

Apropos microg we now see also Mozilla Location Service is retiring, #2237.

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Thank you for the quick reply. Since microG went to 0.3.0 I’ve had a terrible time getting weather any app other than Magic Earth to accurately detect my location. Off by 50-100 miles at times. So hopefully whatever replaces MLS will be better. I know it’s not open source but how about AppleWifiNlpBackend? That is much more accurate.

Had no problems with microG 0.2.27. Can they go back to the way they did NLP there?

Nevermind about the AppleWifiNlpBackend. I see that would be a breach of TOS so don’t want that.

I am sure more talk about alternatives will appear on the linked threads, I find previously used NLP backends have no effect.I think I remember we can’t go back due to changes in the stack imposed “not by microg” and to do with Android 13.

I have been running quite stable, I assume without MLS, by

Settings > Apps and notifications > microG Services > Advanced > Additional settings in the app > Location …

  • Wi-Fi location
  • Request from Mozilla OFF
  • Remember from GPS ON
  • Mobile network location
  • Request from Mozilla OFF
  • Remember from GPS ON
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Oh yes, that’s correct, I remember reading something about newer Android versions causing the changes in the stack.

I tried that with the same results. The only thing that works for me in 0.3.0 is to turn all those to OFF and leave Nominatim ON.

Does anybody here know whether there’s a way in Android to show which source the last location fix was based on?

Way back in my Windows Phone 8/ Windows 10 Mobile days Apps could show this info, you could see whether the last location fix came from GPS or mobile network or Wi-Fi.

Is this possible in Android? It could help users assess whether getting location from GPS only would be feasible in their circumstances (in case it turns out location is mostly delivered by GPS anyway).

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I never found that, it is a great question!

However I managed to learn if / when “Location” was from a reliable source with the install of MyLocation,

My Location app shows where various “current fix” points to; this can be copy and pasted to Notes, or my best choice to Magic Earth. My copy of Maps has :star: (a folder of Favourites) in all the plots I got from Network Location, GPS (and from the “old days” NLP Backends – the closest to true “Home” (after GPS on a good day) on my map is the old AppleWifiNlpBackend :star:.)

I eventually decided to stop the use of MLS due to stability. Regular fixes, 3 different at 1 mile radius and 1 at 3 mile radius, still produced (only irritating) different weather predictions (English weather!).

Some apps do benefit from Network Location, where for instance Network Location is used to pull up the correct map, then GPS takes over after an interval as Memory Map for All quick test here.