Murena & /e/OS roadmap for 2023 and beyond

Thanks for sharing /e/ roadmap for 2023.

Unfortunately, I do not see in this roadmap anything related to security improvement for /e/OS.
Because Privacy without Security does not exist (whereas Security without Privacy : iOS, …)

There are other customized versions of Android available on the market, so there’s room for improvement in this area where /e/ could draw inspiration.

How many years is this going on now? :smiley:

That’s big work actually, with lots of tech constraints. Probably before the end of the year though.


It depends on which security you are talking about. There is often a big confusion between Privacy and security. At /e/OS we are commited to offer regular/state of the art security, with advanced privacy features. Our goal is to give users the opportunity to escape the permanent data collection from big techs. This only needs decent sercurity.

The rest is another story: in particular we don’t have any product (yet) for people who could be “targetted” because of their activities, because this case needs extremely hardened security with an extremely reduced usage scopes, to reduce attack surfaces. And even in this case, agencies with big funds are often able to find a way to “reach” targetted people. This is a cat and mouse game.


If you’re not happy with BlissLauncher you can always install another one. That’s the beauty of AOSP and open source community. :wink:


It is clear as you have already mentioned it, that /e/OS will never be a competitor to GrapheneOS for example.

But /e/OS could propose for example:

  • more regular Android Security patches (being disconnected to LOS and directly integrate patches from Google),
  • a better secure web browser as Bromite seems to be no more maintained: no update since 6 months (no secure updates for such a long period !)

As I am new to /e/OS and Android, I don’t know the details.
But when I see, the stable firmware installed named “e_xxx-user 11 dev-keys”, does it mean that the firmware is executed in root mode ?
And don’t you have developpment and production keys ?

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You right, and what I like with /e/OS even if the OS it less secure than GrapheneOS or CalyxOS or DivestOS, it’s Advanced Privacy. Whith this feature, we can see how many trackers are/were blocked :slight_smile:

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Less or more secure, depends on which projects, but in the end the thing is that if you want to be 100% secure with a computer or a smartphone, just disconnect it from Internet, or just even don’t use it.


Of course yeah, you’re right

This article speaks about a report by a committee of the European Parliament and names “mercenary spyware” attacks,
“the spyware industry”.

Is it proven that GrapheneOS protects from any of this ?
What exact threat will GrapheneOS prevent me from ?
The imaginary I.C.I.G. International Ingeneer Crime Group that orders stuffs from honest people’s amazon account and legends maybe.

/e/ protects from data brokers at least and point the spyware industry.

Why are you talking about Graphene here? Those forums are about /e/OS & Murena.


I know and i’m happy with /e/OS on my FP4 :wink:

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Let’s avoid criticizing other ROMs on the /e/OS forum. No matter what the intention, such comparisons eventually pull the thread in a totally different direction.


I agree but I am tired to read so many off-topics, it influences the roadmap.
Cyclic demagogic themes.

I can remove my remark it if you want.

I really miss Advanced Privacy on my recent new Pixel 6a (non-/e/) phone (although I still have an /e/ Tablet, and had an /e/ Sony Xperia XA2 for over three years…). If the Pixel 6a ever gets an official /e/ ROM (most importantly, with relockable bootloader), then I would be very much tempted to come back.

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I’m really looking forward to that tablet, the alternative for me would be the pinetab 2, but that is a bit too geeky with it’s Arch Linux based OS. An /e/ OS tablet would fill my needs completely and I would buy that without hesitation.

What other tablet brands/models would you consider?

I put /e/OS onto a Galaxy Tab S6 Lite (Wifi only), so an /e/ Tablet is possible/available right now (sort of). It took a bit of fiddling about, but I got there in the end, just under a year ago. It has worked nicely ever since.

I do admit to some concern over the upgrade to the next level of OS, but that is no different than was true for the phone. What is ironic is that to get /e/ onto the GalTab originally, I had to step down the OS to be compatible with what was available at the time :wink:

If I may give my view….

At first, Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e LTE, since it seems supported and specs are nice

Then, I would like to see a more portable LTE device around 8”, and a larger wifi tablet for home use (more than 10”; by judging by the trend in the latest years, 12” or 13” is not weird)

Thank you

PS: what I mentioned in a previous post is still valid :wink: Murena & /e/OS roadmap for 2023 and beyond - #4 by sonyxa2

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