My First Install

Hi Harvey,
thanks for bearing with me.

Ubuntu flavoured Linux and the phone is a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 LTE

appreciate it

Hi, the normal TWRP flashing via fastboot is this way:

I’m not sure if your device is an a/b device. The way for a/b devices is different.

Don’t forget: after flashing TWRP you MUST reboot direct in recorvery. If you will boot into system, twrp will be overwritten und you have flash TWRP again !!

once you have installed twrp successful you have to do the following steps in TWRP:

  1. format data
  2. wipe davlik/cache
  3. wipe sytem
  4. transfer to our device. It should be available in file explorer.
  5. install
  6. reboot
  7. be happy :slight_smile:

I’ve got adb in my home directory.
typing adb brings up a host of commands.
Plugged the phone in and typed
adb reboot-bootloader
phone switches on.
It says ODIN MODE on the top of the screen. There is a host of other information and the wee green Android man in the middle of the screen. It says ‘Downloading…Do Not Turn of Target’.
There is no prompt for USB debugging. This has been previously selected.

then, ‘fastboot oem unlock’ < waiting for device >
nada so …‘fastboot oem unlock-go’

nothing happens :frowning:

That means you haven’t unlocked the bootloader yet ?
Ok, that’s really worst, because that’s the really first step.
I don’t know how the unlock should work on your device. So iy.s the best you will first search xda or the web for the unlock procedure. And when your bootloader is open, you can start as i have written before

@harvey186, would you recommend not using Odin at all to flash Samsung devices but use twrp?

I’m old schooled guy and i’m using since Android Froyo flashing via custom recovery. In early times it was cmw recovery and today it.s twrp.
I prefer twrp because for me flashing via fastboot is much easier

Is this because i’m dropping down a rabbit whole outwith the prescribed ‘Heimdall’ method?
I have just removed the SIM card and will have a scratch about on YouTube RE: unlocking bootloader.

Thanks for the help

I’ve tapped the ‘Build number’ the required amount of times
I have developer options but no OEM Unlocking option. I’ve seen elsewhere that it isn’t locked on Samsung?
USB debugging is selected

It’s a SM-N9005 as supported by /e/

Okay @gbar, to install ADB & Fastboot on Ubuntu systems is not difficult, because as the packages are available with the default Ubuntu repositories. To install both the ADB & Fastboot, execute the following command from the terminal:

$ sudo apt-get install android-tools-adb android-tools-fastboot

Once the USB-Debugging has been enabled, connect your Android device to system using the USB-cable.

Now open the terminal and execute the following command:

$ adb devices OR sudo fastboot devices

This command should display your device unique ID number.

Upon the command execution you will get a pop-up on your Android device to allow USB-Debugging, press OK to enable the debugging.

Now we’re going to flash TWRP with the following command (where “twrp-3.3.1-0-hlte.img” is the name of TWRP file you’ve downloaded => Samsung Galaxy Note 3 LTE (N9005/P) - “hlte”):

sudo fastboot flash twrp-3.3.1-0-hlte.img

Flashing process will take few seconds. After installation is completed disconnect your device from PC and hold “Power” button to exit fastboot mode.

Now you’ve TWRP Custom Recovery installed on your device. You can proceed with Custom ROM installation.

No sudo needed. fastboot and adb must / will run as normal user.

@gbar, a good idea is to execute commands as root or sudoer.

I have learned never use root (sudo) for building or flashing roms. And as far as you are able to do it as normal user, you should do.

and if you have a look on the tons of HowTo’s flashing a rom, you will see no sudo command (on most tutorials)

@harvey186, a few months ago I had no idea about flashing an Android Custom ROM. It gives me pleasure to deal with this topic. Inevitably I have read many experience reports and instructions and then tried out.

In the meantime I flashed four different (hated by you) Samsung and two LG devices on LOS, LineageOS-for-mircoG and /e/ OS. I didn’t follow the flash instructions of LineageOS and /e/ (both are the same like an egg).

Heimdall and also Linux have left quite fast behind. I’m an old Windows(ianer). Samsung’s ODIN has always led me to install TWRP on a Windows PC.

With LG I learned how to use ADB and Fastboot - and also used them successfully with Samsung devices, e.g. to delete pre-installed /e/ apps on unrooted devices.

I appreciate the tips of other users. But I learn the most when I do it myself. At the moment I get along well and like to share my experiences. It is in the nature of things that other users have made different experiences.

It’s always the best solution, learning be doing. That’s what I have teaching my students :wink:
I’m cooking and flashing roms since Android froyo. So you can trust me a little bit :slight_smile:

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Trust is the elixir of life. It’s hard to gain trust in normal analog life; it’s so much harder on the internet. But to have a different opinion is not the same as - to have no trust. ;o)

Hi Archie,

thanks for the further assistance but…
ThinkPad-X200:~$ sudo fastboot flash twrp-3.3.1-0-0-hlte.img
< waiting for device >

entering adb would indeed show the device as connected and details so i don’t think it’s the cable used.

Try without sudo.
And your device is really in bootloader modus NOT in recovery ?

Okay, USB cable seems fine.

Now we trust (a little bit … ;o) @harvey186 to follow his advice starting with > download mode:

ADB command: adb reboot download

Note Samsung’s download mode on device:
Device is switched off. Then hold down the Power, Home and Volume (-) buttons.

Note: Recovery mode: adb reboot recovery [Power, Home and Volume (+) buttons]

The command is ‘adb reboot recovery’