My FP4 is blocked on the Bootloader

installation problem

My FP4 is blocked on the Bootloader

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What does that mean?
Can you only boot into the bootloader, and the OS or the recovery don’t boot?
Or do you want to do something with fastboot and the bootloader is still locked?

Did you try the search? … Search results for 'fp4 bootloader' - /e/ community

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I just hope that fastboot flashing get_unlock_ability (command exectued from a computer connected via USB cable) shows “1”. Then recovering should be easily possible.


I can’t start the /e/ system, I’m stuck on the Bootloader following the installation of the manufacturer’s software.

You mean you followed this install guide here? … Install /e/ on a Fairphone FP4 - “FP4”
In this case you executed fastboot commands with the phone connected to a computer.
When you connect the phone to the computer again and execute the fastboot command in @ff2u’s post, what does it say?

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Thank you for your help, but blocked device back for repair at Fairphone.

The document for installing /e/ on a Fairphone 4 is not clear and may result in making this phone unusable as in my case. So, I bought a new smartphone that will remain on the software provided by the manufacturer for now.

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