My phone does not recognize usb stick

And / or is it a way of pointing us to the latest, or final software revision ?

Having found that you had a different bootloader, perhaps that could be taken as a clue that you had not reached final ?

If you were to search again for the latest ROM, in light of what you now know, perhaps you would find a software revision ahead of what you have running now, and includes the correct bootloader ?

Searching online it does seem folks were saying OTG was still flaky leading up to Kitkat, 4.4.4.

With /e/ running it might be interesting go to

Settings > About phone > Android version … and note the date quoted for Vendor security patch level. In searching for a different Samsung ROM, might you see if you find any software revision date in advance of that ?

@aibd @piero @Manoj Hi all . So that there is no doubt that I did something wrong, I am attaching a screenshot and video. It seems to me that ROM does not work correctly on this phone model!


Perhaps the developer should install the desired loader on their servers (without viruses or broken) so that there is a download link in the documentation here. In order not to search all over the Internet and not register on the forum to ask where to download or how to update the bootloader)) It would be logical!

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