My wish list for /e/

I think you can just turn this off by going into the (/e/OS) Settings → Notifications → Notification dot on app icon (uncheck this). Either you can set this for each app separately.

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I can use a BT keyboard (and a mouse, and a screen) with my FP4 with eOS.


Thanks for your work to begin.

My Xiaomi Mi 9T has much much problem with the Android WebView that’s crashing all time.

-Please implement Mulch WebView or another alternative WebView in the e-build. At the same time that solve my issue, it de-google a little more the OS.

Best regards

Seconding this call for an option to have Mulch System Webview in an updatable form installed, along with Mull as the default browser, also updatable from F-droid (I tried doing it myself, but it didn’t work out). I just want reasonably hardened browser components that can be updated independently of /e/OS OTA updates. As it stands, I can’t even Disable the Bromite fork calling itself “Browser”, and of course it can’t be deleted.

The “Music” app is lacking a search feature, so it isn’t suitable for my music collection. Simple Music Player is a pretty reasonable replacement, for me, and at least I can Disable “Music”. I think I prefer “Music”'s interface slightly, though.

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Does this method fail for Browser?


Aha, thanks. No, that technique works fine to disable-user or uninstall the browser (or their reverse operations). I chose

$ adb shell pm uninstall --user 0 foundation.e.browser
$ adb shell cmd package install-existing foundation.e.browser
Package foundation.e.browser installed for user: 0

Android Auto!
There is a aa4mg magisk module which has some stubs to fool Android Auto to think that the Google apps are installed.
Unfortunately rooting isn’t an option for me so I can’t use it.

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I wish for automatic call recording. Speed adjustment in video player. Digit row in keyboard

Update APPs in the App Lounge ‘simpleX chat’ is out of date. Thanks.

Most important for me it’s better cameras support in phones and improvement in efficiency/size/resources (KISS way).
Thank you /e/ team for your hard work!

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Yeah, but you can easily install the Openboard keyboard which can show a nice digit row on top.

DEL key, Arrow keys, Page UP/DOWN keys
Or a general keyboard for tablet mode — stock Samsung on tablets would be a good ref.

I would like a built-in backup-and-restore solution. [HOWTO] Backup and Restore Data on Android Devices - #135 by Klaas
(one that backs up all data, not the limited Seedvault).


That is more complex, then it appears. I have researched subject. There is a setting in application manifest, which controls whether app data can be backup or not. Android won’t backup apps, which deny that.

Yes, Appdata is one thing but it would be nice if other data would also be backed up. I know I can copy paste pictrues to a computer and vise-versa, just nicer if everything can be done in one job/task

@wizard Seedvault / Calyx completed “device2device transfer” backup in January 2024. When /e/ gets to Android 14 (or backports) the d2d option overrides the Apps preference to not be backed up and regular users get a better backup, see [HOWTO] use Seedvault early to understand Android backup - #49 by tcecyk for more

  • I wish /e/ had more apps with usable offline content.

  • Also some partners, like maybe to be able to pay extra content / hardware (like security cameras).

  • Or service partners like the yellow pages (pagesjaunes in France), Qwant, IGN for maps or even podcast like Radiofrance to have easy access to something in the phone and not to have a brick for a non tech enthusiast user. Maybe the choice of the navigation systems, I sometimes use Viamichelin with the discovery mode to cross beautiful places on the way !

Some basics really to add to /e/ a little of fun. For example the weather thing in /e/ is good and open source weather apps from the store are great but I have really better prediction with Lachainemétéo app than all these orthodox libre stuffs. Same with Spot, which is great, just I have these robotic results compared to Qwant.

I’m very happy with /e/OS on my Fairphone 4. Actually there are only some wishes left:

  1. Better (faster) fixing of security issues / delivering security updates

  2. Improvements for App Lounge:

  • More transparency concerning package sources (only f-droid and google play)
  • f-droid store feature: that only the newest recommended version gets installed by default, not always the newest (eventually not recommended) one
  • f-droid store feature: possibilty to integrate other package sources
  1. No preinstalled apps, or preinstalled apps that can more easily be uninstalled via Store (GUI)

  2. Better designed monthly update installation process, eg only basic image patching. (Preinstalled) app updates should be delivered via store.


  • A real physical flash light

  • Document scanner mode