My wish list for /e/

Nowadays electronics should handle that.

"Charging past 100 per cent will damage your battery
True (but not for the reason you think)

A ‘trickle charge’ mechanism cuts off the charger after the phone has reached 100 per cent charge, and only tops up the battery when it drops down a little.

The problem is that you’re keeping the charge level at 100 per cent which, as we know from the previous myth, puts the battery under a certain amount of strain. ‘It’s not good,’ Griffith says, ‘but the battery manufacturer has set [the battery’s limits] it so it shouldn’t be harmful.’"

Haven’t found this until now in /e/. I’m not even sure where these 15% are configured until the low battery notification comes.

Yes smu44, i know that there are a few solutions for this wish. But nearly all of them need to root your device and not everyone is capable of or wants this in cause of other trouble.
AnotherElk is right when says:

But this should be part of the system itself, so that every user could handle it.

While there are a lot of views, which maximum percentage is the right one, the user should be able to configure it by himself. The lowest percentage is not critical. Here you can often switch to power saving mode and preserve the battery from crash.

Possible to unlock the phone, Fairphone 4, with the camera like FaceID and not just with the finger.

Integrate maybe Mycroft to do actions with voice.


I am of the same opinion here. Since Mycroft has Michael Hansen working for them, they managed to develop a well-performing voice assistant that can be used online and offline. It guess it would be a better idea to integrate Mycroft into /e/OS than to try to invent the wheel newly with a self-developed voice assistant by Murena (i think “Elivia” was the project name).


I am using /e/ for some weeks now on a Samsung S5 neo and I am amazed how well it works. There is only one thing I really miss: Being a fan of audio books I frequently use the “onleihe” app which allows me to access e-media of my public library. Unfortunately DRM is not working so that I can’t play the audio books. The reason as far as I can understand is that the deviced certificates part of the original stock rom are lost or deleted after installation of the custom rom. It would be really nice to fix this!

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@Jodazo Have you checked MicroG under system settings yet? I would suggest checking MicroG and enable both Google Device Registration and Google Safetynet. This may address the issue.

Hi @Seven , I just checked both settings and they were enabled as suggested. Anyway with the suggestion of it works now.

Thanks, Jochen

( that was an DM, the solving thread for samsungs+drm is S8: Onleihe App Audiobooks do not work )

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As my phone usage is fairly basic, my main annoyance right now is that volume control with bluetooth devices is kinda weird:

  • I’ve got a Bose speaker for which each press of “+” on the phone leads to two volume increases (as if both the phone and the speaker itself tried to react at the same time). Using the built-in “+” button of the speaker sometimes does nothing, until you reach some kind of threshold where – poof – it suddenly gets a lot louder (idem for “−”).
  • With a Sony headset (WH-1000XM3), there are also weird threshold-like phenomena going on, like:
Ugly schemas hidden for convenience; click here


←[−] [+]→





←[−] [+]→

Meaning that sometimes the volume suddenly goes waaay up or waaay down instead of providing the usual delta, and that, consequently, there are some volume levels that are unreachable because the phone / device “jumps” over them.

  1. Stable app store
  2. Security updates for all murena phones at least for 4 years
  3. Open source speech to text assistant integrated in keyboard
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Hi @alice_m,

I think I found a way to solve the volume problem with Bluetooth speakers. I had the same with my JBL. You have to activate developer options (by tapping multiple times on the build number in Settings), go see the developer options in Settings-System and deactivate the “absolute volume” option in the network section (“Désactiver le volume absolu” for me in French).

Worked pretty well for me, now I can slightly increase the music volume without annoying my neighbors!

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  1. widgets everywhere on bliss launcher
  2. a desktop mode like samsung dex(maybe make a fork of taskbar[available on fdroid])
  3. smart charging like in arrowos
  4. make system apps work(opentask fork crashes on galaxy tab s6 lite)
  5. make system apps work without root
  6. make system apps available in the app store like omnirom
  7. call routing over signal & whatsapp servers(CalyxOS dialer CalyxOS / platform_packages_apps_Dialer · GitLab)
  8. openboard as keyboard app(GitHub - openboard-team/openboard)
  9. speech to text engine integrated into the keyboard(maybe: GitHub - Kaljurand/K6nele: An Android app that offers speech-to-text user interfaces to other apps
  10. use a systemwide equalizer(only possible as system app or system extension app)
  11. implement qr-code scanner inside open camera fork(grapheneos camera GitHub - GrapheneOS/Camera: Modern camera app focused on privacy and security with QR & barcode scanning.)
  12. updated browser (can’t open passwords section in murena cloud)(Iodé browser works It’s a “fork of Firefox (with Qwant as default search engine, many other ones added, telemetry disabled, parts of telemetry code removed)” iode / os / apps / Iode Browser · GitLab)
  13. combine exact calculator with GitHub - Xlythe/Calculator(graph,matrixes from GitHub - Xlythe/Calculator and normal calculations, ui from e / os / android_packages_apps_ExactCalculator · GitLab)
  14. compatitor for handwriting on android(xournalpp_mobile with Image and PDF implementation The one with the Braid / xournalpp_mobile · GitLab)

The absolute volume thingy seems to work with the speaker. Just sad that it seems that dev settings must remain enabled otherwise everything in that section is reset. Thanks for the tip. Hope that’ll work in the car as well. Would be dangerous if it made it impossible to set the volume with the car’s own controls xD


You can set some stufs in dev, then disable USB debugging: dev options remain hidden but choosen settings work.

Hum, USB debugging? Is this really related to those developer options? All I see is, at the top of the dev opts screen, a global toggle which, when turned off, reverts all the changes (and somehow reactivates the GUI animations, which I then have to turn off again via the Accessibility settings menu :exploding_head:). Anyway, keeping the dev opts on does not seem to be such a bother. I don’t even know how to reach them without running a search (typically for “abs”, to go to the Absolute volume thingy). :laughing: I’ll probably keep that on, unless I notice issues.

Keeping dev options toggle on does not activate anything. It just means that it allows you to modify a few things compared to default dev settings, including this volume option. Gives you access to more options.

You can reach them in Settings-System-Advanced parameters-Dev options.

Roger that, thanks. :smile:

What a nice (and challenging) roadmap for the next improvements of /e/.
i first would like to highlight great surprises i had with /e/ i did not expect and i’m very very glad to have it:
*Possibility to synchronize Agenda with my Synology calendar, using feature of the account manager which allows to configure an account with URL+Login+passwd! that’s Great!!

  • Possibility to access to app store in anonymous way (no need to create any account)!! a Big Plus for /e/.

and now i also would like to add +1 vote for the following improvements:

  1. Improve keyboard with swipe feature and multilanguage. it is so usefull! for the moment, i think it is one of the biggest missing.
  2. Possibility to unistall some defaults apps from the app list (not for core apps but for Notes for example).
  3. Different ringtones by SIM card, in case of dual SIM device

I also would like to propose the following topics:
A. On Samsung (at least S9) there is a side button that is not used (not On/Off nor Volume, the 3rd one). Could be great to reference it in the Parameters and be able to affect an action.
B. Based on calendar example with Synology, allow to synchronize contacts via carddav config in the account Manager.

Thanks to all /e/ team for the Great Work!!
i’ll donate as soon as i can afford it.

While waiting for this change, you can try this trick :wink: