MyFitnessPal - This app is currently unavailable!


I was pleased to find “Calorie Counter - MyFitnessPal” in the App store when I searched for it.
Unfortunately, when I try to install it, I got the following error: “This app is currently unavailable! Please try again later”.

I don’t see anything related in the logs.

The application “” is clearly stated to be available in the App Checker.

What is the issue ? What should I do ?

Thank you.

Temporary fix you can try to install latest version in Aurora Store (Which can be installed from f-droid store) but it may need google play services to work properly. Also to consider, myfitness pal database was breached a little while ago and user information was leaked so I wouldnt personally trust them and the app itself is loaded with trackers (google etc…)

Thanks for your answer.

I - anyway, how could I understand what is the issue to install it from the /e/ App Store ? (what should I check if there is nothing in the logs)

II - Is there a difference to install it manually with .apk file, and to install it with Aurora Store?

III - By “google play services”, do you mean something else than “MicroG” or it is enough?


to 1: The apps store has known issues and the devs are working on it. In near future will be an update.

to 2: Aurora store is downloading the files from Google play store. So you can ensure that the sources are untouched. Pls use ever a secure download place for your apps like Aurora / Yalp or Apps Store. Otherwise you could install malware.

to 3: Google Play Service is the original Google Play Frameware. MicroG is an open source replacement for Google Play Services

Thanks for your answer.

I tried Aurora Store but Anonymous authentication is failing, even after changing token Provider (or I used a too old one ?). The other way would be to log with a Google account but it is exactly the opposite of my wish, using /e/ os.
Do you have any clue to get Aurora Store Anonymous authentication working please ?

Yes I know for MicroG, but is it enough to provide some features like Firebase for instance ?


Aurora Store should be v3.1.7 minimum for anonymous login to work at this time of writing. Check F-droid for this version.

Edit: v3.1.8 has now been released out of beta

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or use this telegram group

Thanks for your answer …

So, so, so … I installed F-Droid => to installa Aurora Store v3.1.7 => to be able to authenticate anonymously … and then to [re]install MyFitnessPal …

Unfortunately … I still have the issue on missing barcode feature.

he missing barcode feature has to do with missing google play services. try using an open source barcode reader from f-droid like Binary Eye. But I fear, you can’t integrate it to your app.

I’ve seen there are lots of Free calorie counter …

The minimum I would like:

  • of course in the /e/ os privacy philosophy
  • French Foods database
  • barcode scanning feature

And it would be ideal if it could connect to Withings Balance.

And (optionally) very very nice if it could connect to my Amazfit Watch.

Any advices?
I started to test some, but there is so much, advices would be appreciated!

Sorry I don’t want to brother you, but I have just read an (german) article about “best way to eat and loose wait”. And there it’s written what I’m doing since 60 years: Eat what you want, but only eat when you are hungry and stop eating when you are full. Don’t eat only because it’s time to eat and don’t eat more when you are full only to empty your plate.

So, if you are doing it taht way, no need for any FitNess app :rofl: :wink:

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@harvey186 Yes, I +/- know this philosophy, and I know I can easily conform to it asap I find back my ‘nominal weight’.
I don’t need anything bazooka-like, but I love numbers (scientist … sorry …), and I know it was very useful for me 4 years ago to use MyFitnessPal to get kind of dashboard and to monitor the good results of my change/Adaptation.

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Could this app be something for you ?
Track & Graph (Track personal data and create custom graphs to gain personal insight!) -

Thanks! I’ll have a look :slight_smile: