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I’m a non-techie using a Teracube 2e with all current updates. For the past several months my texting app has been malfunctioning. Many texts (both sms and MMS) send as expected, but often, randomly, I’ll receive an immediate notification that the text “failed to send, tap to retry.” The retries never work. Sometimes I can copy the message to a note taking app, paste it from there into a new message, and achieve success. This doesn’t work reliably, so then I must reboot the phone and try all the same steps again. It’s time consuming and frustrating.

Other times, texts send successfully but I’ll receive a notification that “com.mediatek.ims.ImsApp keeps stopping.”

Are the two phenomenon related? I can’t find any info in the settings about the mediatek app. Why is my phone acting this way, and what can I do to fix it?

Thanks for any help and advice you can offer.

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one other user (on a GS290 v1.16) reported the mediatek ims crashes - the package that authorizes your phone to use voice call features with your provider. It might try to send RCS instead of MMS or x or n - “adb logcat” while the failure occurs can be helpful if you’re in a position to familiarize with it

Hi tcecyk! I use only the /e/OS default Message/SMS app for SMS messages. I don’t have “Send long messages as MMS” setting on, and I don’t send photos with message app, I mostly use Signal for that. Sometimes I get photos with Message/SMS app, but there seems to be no problem. …“ImsApp keeps stopping” problem doesn’t happen with every single time I send SMS, but very often. Unfortunately I am not very experienced with android, but maybe I will try Logcat, if I could get my head around it…

I appreciate your response but don’t really understand it.

Can you explain it in laymen’s terms for me?

(I got carried away with suggesting RCS, that’d be nonsense)

ImsApp keeps stopping

my point was: you will need log text output to advance the bug search for this ImsApp crash. Or at least reproducible conditions that someone at murena can invoke to get the logs. I think your issue needs to go at the backlog

failed to send, tap to retry

this phenomenon can be related, but also happens if an MMS needs a mobile data connection to be sent and it isn’t active. Stockrom can have facilites to activate the data connection in the background for it to work, not all /e/-roms have that ability though.
As said, it can indeed relate to the ImsApp crash, but SMS/MMS are outside the IMS registration.

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