New Samsung S9+ from /e/ store is reading at 80% battery health according to Accubattery

Its supposed to have a 3500mAh battery but Accubattery is measuring it at about 2990 mAh.
My 3-4 year old OPT has a 3500mAh battery and still has over 85% battery health according to Accubattery.
The battery life does also feel a little short.

Whats the best way to contact / get support for a potential hardware issue like that?

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Hi @kdkf by sharing the details here you have already contacted us.
Wanted to check a few details is the phone purchased from /e/ and has it been displaying this issue with the battery from the time of purchase.

Thanks, yes it has been like this from the beginning. Accubattery was one of the first apps I installed. Please see attached screenshots. In the screen that shows the “battery capacity”, it only really measured under 3000 mAh at high accuracy.


Need any more info? Is there a different battery health measuring App I should try just for a ‘second opinion’?

Hi @kdkf, thanks for your message.

First of all, for most batteries, even when they are brand new, you will never get 100% of the design capacity. The design capacity is based at the factory with no load.
The remaining full charge capacity, the measure you will read on Accubattery, can be affected by many factors like using fast charging against normal charging, etc… You have taken good care of your OPT to still have 85% of its design capacity :clap:

As you know we are not selling new smartphones but pre-owned devices. Now they have to go through a long set of tests and can be repaired if some components fail to meet the expected quality.
All our refurbished smartphones come with batteries that have been checked to be fully operational and with a full charge capacity at least 80% of the design capacity. This is actually not always the case across the industry.
Don’t forget your device also comes with a one year warranty should there be any hardware failure during that time.

Any other questions, please let us know.

Yes, i guess 80% felt low but it makes sense for pre-owned devices.

Indeed I had taken care of my old phone, for most of its life I would try to never let the battery go below 10% and I set accuBattery to warn me when it went above 85%

Feature request if you develop a new phone: :smiley:
Built in charge cut off, so the phone stops charging itself.
Similar to my System76 Laptop which calls this feature ‘FlexiCharger’. described in the second article here


Very nice @kdkf!!! I love system76! :heart_eyes:

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That’s a great idea! Love it!

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Just in case you guys are interested: If you use Magisk, there is a Module called “Advanced Charging Controller” that stops the phone charging itself over a certain percentage.
I’ve used it for a while now, and I do quite like it, especially when leaving my phone plugged in over night.

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Is magisk something I download through one of these sites?

Download Magisk Installer from the official source :

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I’ve installed /e/ on my own galaxy S9+ and after several days noticed the battery use wasn’t as good as hoped. The battery settings says 12% is being used by the system, is this % appropriate for /e/.?

Problems with the Samsung Galaxy S9+ battery life are also known with StockROM Android. The “star2lte” has a very powerful hardware. The 8.5 mm (0.33 in) thin chassis takes its toll. The S9+'s 3500 mAh battery can’t keep up with the device’s powerful processor and large screen (6.2 inches, 1440 x 2960 px). Various manual settings may reduce the power consumption: Change screen solution WQHD+ ⋚ FHD+ ⋚ HD+ and/or Toggle GPS modes and/or …

Hi @archje, how do you change screen resolution in /e/? I’ve checked in the screen preferences and also developer options, but can’t find anything

Hello @graz, there are two ways to change the screen resolution in /e/

Settings > Display > Display size

By default, the value is automatically set according to your device’s screen resolution.

A detailed how-to doesn’t fit to the thread topic. Therefore only a short way:

Settings > Developer Options > Drawing

will be shown the default DPI value for your device.

Edit this value and enter the custom value according to your choice. The bigger the value; the smaller the UI elements will get, and vice-versa.

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