Newpipe always crashing

I installed newpipe but i always get an error when opening a video .


Crash log

org.schabi.newpipe.extractor.exceptions.ParsingException: YouTube did not provide player config even after three attempts
	at org.schabi.newpipe.extractor.Extractor.fetchPage(
	at org.schabi.newpipe.util.ExtractorHelper.lambda$getStreamInfo$3(
	at org.schabi.newpipe.util.-$$Lambda$ExtractorHelper$ Source:4)
	at io.reactivex.internal.operators.single.SingleFromCallable.subscribeActual(
	at io.reactivex.Single.subscribe(
	at io.reactivex.internal.operators.single.SingleDoOnSuccess.subscribeActual(
	at io.reactivex.Single.subscribe(
	at io.reactivex.internal.operators.maybe.MaybeFromSingle.subscribeActual(
	at io.reactivex.Maybe.subscribe(
	at io.reactivex.internal.operators.maybe.MaybeConcatArray$ConcatMaybeObserver.drain(
	at io.reactivex.internal.operators.maybe.MaybeConcatArray$ConcatMaybeObserver.request(
	at io.reactivex.internal.operators.flowable.FlowableElementAtMaybe$ElementAtSubscriber.onSubscribe(
	at io.reactivex.internal.operators.maybe.MaybeConcatArray.subscribeActual(
	at io.reactivex.Flowable.subscribe(
	at io.reactivex.internal.operators.flowable.FlowableElementAtMaybe.subscribeActual(
	at io.reactivex.Maybe.subscribe(
	at io.reactivex.internal.operators.maybe.MaybeToSingle.subscribeActual(
	at io.reactivex.Single.subscribe(
	at io.reactivex.internal.operators.single.SingleSubscribeOn$
	at io.reactivex.Scheduler$
	at java.util.concurrent.ScheduledThreadPoolExecutor$
	at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(
	at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$

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This is more or less standard procedure with newpipe.
Youtube changes the API, Newpipe crashes all the time.
The API change you are suffering from was fixed in version 20.2.
It always takes quite some time for f-droid to update the version in their repo.
You have three possibilities:

  1. Wait. The new version will arrive someday
  2. Use the .apk they supply on github
  3. Add their own repository to f-droid and install from there

Be aware that the .apk from 2. does not automatically install updates. You have to manually update to newer versions by reinstalling newer apk’s. You can, however, easily export and re-import your settings.


Download from github worked

It’s worth noting that downloading the latest release from GitHub will not notify you of any new updates, you’ll have to update yourself manually.

This is completely correct, I will edit my post to make that clear.

NewPipe has a built-in notification update so you should be notified (make sure this setting is activated).

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If I understand correctly you are notified through the app, but not through F-Droid, and the update is not installed automatically. Unless you install NewPipe from their custom F-Droid repository.

Indeed if you install directly the apk via the github release page, NewPipe will just notify you about the release. Click on this notification to directly open the default browser and start the download of the new apk, then install manually the apk.

You can also install NewPipe Legacy that is already on the new version 0.20.2
It works fine like the regular release, even if it is called “legacy”

Theres a custom fdroid repo which gets the updates faster.