Nextcloud Talk and Carnet in v1

since the relaunch of and the additional webdomain
it seems some services are not there anymore.
e.g. Carnet and Nextcloud Talk
I was mentioning about Carnet in the Telegram group already. Manoj himself confirmed with developers that Carnet was not stable enough by time of the release and will be added later.
What about Nextcloud Talk? Honestly I’m super fed-up with all the webcall tools out there. Usually I use meet, but honestly it is not performing well. There are constant hickups and video goes blank randomly. Plus being a free and open source version on a public server one cannot expect a lot. What really bugs me is that they do not have Calendar integration for Caldav/webdav, only GA(F)M.
Having that said, I would love for ecloud / murena cloud to push for tight Nextcloud talk integration.
My actual question, when will Nextcloud Talk be activated again as it was in the past?

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push! @Manoj
Will nextcloud talk be available for Murena at some point?

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No plans as of now. It was in fact removed as conversations were in plan text in the database. If there is enough user interest, the team can offer a matrix instance instead.


Understand, messages in plain text present a security issue.
Matrix instance and the integration of matrix is interesting, especially using connectors to also extend reach to other silos.
Yet a Video Webcall / Confcall solution like e.g. Jitsi (8x8), Nextcloud talk, Brave Talk etc… serve a totally different use case compared to Matrix. A video conf call solution provides easy means of web conferencing with clients, participants of sorts without having them to register or install any kind of software; do break out rooms for more participants, call recording, screen sharing, etc…
For Matrix, if I’m not mistaken:

  • one has to register to connect in a conversation, call, webcall
  • there is no such thing as webconf integration other than Jitsi instance.