NHS Covid-19 app won't work unless I update Google Play Services

Tried the updated version and that doesn’t support it either.
It’s a phone issue, not the ROM: I’ve tried it on the stock ROM and I get the same message.

You don’t need to have a barcode: the idea is that the venue you are visiting displays a QR code, you use the app to scan it, and the app checks you in. For people who don’t - for whatever reason - have the app, venues are supposed to provide an alternative way of checking in, presumably the ‘paper and pen’ methods they were using before the app was available.

Now I have extended my tests to two more phones - with varying degrees of success.

[- nagativ] Galaxy S7 with LineageOS17.1-for-microG

[+ positive] Pixel with Official Android 11
The camera reacts immediately, a valid QR code is recognized immediately.

nhs1 nhs2 nhs3

What does this tell us?!

That the ‘Check-in’ functionality only works on some phones? :wink:

Seriously, given that the app uses the phone’s camera to scan the QR code, and that I know there were issues getting the camera to work for some of the XZ1 Compact ROMs I looked at on XDA, I would guess that it is to do with the camera hardware or binary blobs.

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Yes, I can understand that. With the S7 it didn’t work with the Standard Camera app or with the Open Camera app.

But at least we were able to shed some light on the whole thing. It was worth it, because now we know a little more …

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New experiment with the well-known Galaxy S7 (herolte) but a new CustomROM: PixelExperience_Plus_herolte-10.0-20200927-1516-OFFICIAL

PixelExperience customROMs are known for being coded very close to the original model and for working with pre-installed GApps.

Well, I can only say astonished - it also works with a customROM
The camera reacts immediately, a valid QR code is recognized immediately.

nhs7 nhs8nhs9

I gave my old Samsung Galaxy S5 (klte) a once over again and installed five different custom ROMs. From crDroidAndroid 10.0, over Havoc-OS-v3.7 to LineageOS-for-mircoG and RROS-Q-8.5.9. the result was always negative: “Sorry, your phone doesn’t support venue check-in”.

Last I tried a one year old unofficial PixelExperience 9.0 (Pie)customROM version including GApps and G-Camera - and the result is positive. The “venue check-in” via QR code works.
kltepx9pie1 kltepx9pie2 kltepx9pie3

My S5 ‘klte’ tests indicate that it depends more on the software (customROM) than on the hardware (Android Phone) to make the venue check-in service work.

No comment

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Fine. Here are two from the article …

“we have recommended that officers and staff download the app to their personal, as opposed to work devices, rather than any suggestion of security implications.”

"The NPCC had previously raised concerns about officers sharing information with human contact tracers on the grounds it could compromise undercover work and other sensitive operations.

But since the app is designed to keep people’s identities secret, this should not be a problem in this case."


Police told not to download NHS Covid-19 app 4
National Police Chiefs Council says officers should not install contact-tracing app on work phones.

Lurid headlines of this kind, taken out of context, are used to stir up a negative mood and prejudices.

Unfortunately the eForum only allows the button “like this post” and not also a negative rating a la “Dislike”.

:-1: @harvey186 :-1:


That’s a good thing. It forces reasoned argument.

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Sorry, it is the whole Article. Nothing taken out of context. !!!

That you don’t like my personal view of this spying api is OK, but please stay at truth !!!


Very well. Please explain, quoting the article, how this piece of text is the final proof, the API in question is the sinister spying thing, you say it is, for I am at a loss here.


@harvey186, your “No comment” in connection with the two lines of text “Police told not to download NHS Covid-19 app 4 National Police Chiefs Council says officers should not install contact-tracing app on work phones.” is your personal message about your personal attitude to the topic “C-Contact-Tracking” which is well known here in the /e/forum.

I respect your opinion, even if I have a different opinion. But it is not respectful to place the aversion to “spying api” in every possible place.

From the beginning of this thread we tried to shed some light on the Theama “NHS Covid-19 app won’t work …” and to find solutions.

Your “No comment” has nothing to do with the problem. It creates new, different problems, as we are experiencing right now. This should be avoided urgently.

So please let us focus exclusively on the technical side of the Exposure Notifications API and its options.


I will stop here this never ending discussion.
My intention was only to inform people. Therefore also this ‘no comment’.
No more and no less

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[+ positive] Galaxy S5 ‘hlte’ PixelExperience 9.0-20190712-1406-UNOFFICIAL

[+ positive] Galaxy S5 ‘hlte’ PixelExperience 10.0-20200514-1847-UNOFFICIAL

Please see also > Dutch CoronaMelder v1.0.2.71407 | 10.09.2020

with PixelExperience you don’t need the contact traching activate, Google is knowing where you are and what are you doing :wink:

#48 Once again, this is nothing new.

My message is: PixelExperience customROMs with its G**-components even work on the old Galaxy S5 ‘klte’ - unlike LineageOS ROMs with Open GApps or microG Exposure Notifications API.

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Just on more technical consent extortion, in fact.

If the app’s ‘not safe’ on the police phones, how is it safe on any other phone? You want a less secure phone perhaps?
Maybe, you even believe cvirus is as big a deal as it’s made out bu governments to be??? :rofl:

You have my pity. I hope the reasonable part of the people do their part to keep you healthy, too.

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