No cellphone network service after /e/ OS install

I re-installed 0.19-q, I then installed 0.18-r with the same result. I then used Sony EMMA and restored stock android 9.

Then re-installed 0.018-r after and the problem was resolved.

What I did different the second time was:

  • I had a sim-card installed (the first time I had no sim card installed)
  • The first time I connected the factory default Android 9 to WIFI and updated it to the latest version. This time I did not update Android 9 after I used sony EMMA to install the factory default Android 9. I made a phone call and confirmed it worked I went straight to follow the default instructions to install the /e/ OS 0.018-r

Not sure if any of this matters but for anyone with a similar problem go straight to Sony EMMA and repeat all the steps again.

Great you got it sorted! Watch out for the update to e-0.21-r fairly soon for more improvements.