No e/ on phablets

Im really interested in having a google free phone but it’s sad to see no custom rom seems to support phablets.
I’m using a Huawei Mate 20x. Although it would totally suck but I think I could switch to a smaller device, maybe 6,6-6,9 inches. But I haven’t seen any supported phablets yet. Biggest one seems to be 6,2 inches which is just way too small.

Please don’t forget the phablets!

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

Welp, that sucks. The only e compatible phablet is the Oneplus 7 Pro.

Please bring /e/ to big phones!

Only as secondary information

Thanks but I’m not looking for a tablet. I need a phone that I can put in my pocket and have phone calls with.
I’m only asking for a device with a big enough screen to work with (as my phone is my only device, I hate using a computer).

I don’t own one so it’s hard to research it, since I don’t have complete information but I found this per your posted information: Mate 20 on xda
Seems there are some ROMs there. How well do they work? Do they meet requirements for building/e/?
Post a device request per forum guidelines and if all is well you might get your wish. It’s true the devs here concentrate on phones, bit some people might be interested in this. If you find your device meets requirements, all the information you need to compile it yourself is around here somewhere.

7 inches large tablets against in the direction of “phablets” and with my 7" Oldie Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 P3100 “espresso3g” I can currently still make calls with 3G.

The link should tell you that /e/ phones with a display larger than 6.2 inch are not on top of the to-do list.

A /e/ phone with a 6.3 inch display is currently planned: Samsung Galaxy Note 8 “greatlte

Great announcement

FP3 comes wirh 5.65 Zoll Full HD+ 18:9 LCD (IPS) Technologie Display. This is noticeably smaller than Samsung Galaxy S8+ and S9+ and too small for @nikolawolf.