No mobile internet on FP3 after 0.17 update

Dear all,
Yesterday, I installed the 0.17 update on my FP3. Now, my mobile internet connection is not working any longer. WiFi works fine. Any suggestions what to do? Is there an easy way to reinstall an earlier version of eOS? Thank you in advance for your help…

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Can’t confirm on 0.17-q-20210529117214-dev-FP3.
(Settings - About phone - Android version - /e/ version)

Did you already try to simply turn the phone off (no reboot, real shutdown) and on again?

The previously installed version is still there, you can switch back to it with fastboot …

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Have you tried Settings | System | Advanced | Reset options | Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth? That worked for me when mobile data stopped working after an /e/ update (on a different phone, not a Fairphone, but worth a try)


Thank you @AnotherElk! It worked… What a shame that I didn’t try this one first.

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Thank you @petefoth. AnotherElk’s suggestion solved the problem.

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Dear all,
sadly the issue remains. Reset, reboot nothing helped. I will try and fastboot to an older version.

My Version 0.17-q-20210529117214-dev-FP3

Hi @UkeJay,

I also have issues with my mobile internet connection, especially when I change from wifi to LTE. I haven’t try the hint @AnotherElk suggested yet, but I work around this problem by dialing a random number or something like -100- and somehow, the mobile internet connection starts then.

see mobile data permanently disabled after update (0.17) on FP3+ (#3367) · Issues · e / Backlog · GitLab - closed with a updated 0.17 image 2 days ago

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I updated my FP3 to 0.17-20210621120946 and after a reboot mobile internet no longer works.

Internet via Wifi still works. Phone calls + SMS messages still work. Resetting network settings didn’t make a difference.

Settings → About phone → SIM status (sim slot 1) shows:

Network: KPN
Phone number: Unknown
Mobile network state: Disconnected
Service state: In service
Signal strength: -102 dBm 39 asu
Mobile voice network type: 4G

@AnotherElk, yes - no difference.

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Ok, please check whether the APN settings for your KPN plan are still correct at Settings - Network and internet - Mobile network - Advanced - Access point names - (tap on the desired entry).
Most providers have the correct APN parameters for their plans somewhere on their websites.

@anotherelk, thank you for the suggestion!

A difference between what was programmed in the phone and what KPN advises is "APN Protocol’: was set to IPv4 but it should be IPv4/IPv6. Changing it to the latter seems to fix it.


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