No update after 0.20-20211210151039 on Samsung Galaxy S9?

Hello, is it a known problem that there is no update offered on my S9 after December 10, 2021 (Android 8.1.0)?

In the past I’ve installed several updates but since last December none is displayed anymore.

Would I have to install 0.23 manually or is there a convenient upgrade path?

Thank you for your answer!

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So, are you on a stable build ?

These users (those on stable) have mostly received an OTA upgrade to Android 10.

You’re right about the lack of updates. There seems to be a problem with the Nougat and Oreo builds (Adroid 7 and 8), as you can read in @Manoj’s post here:

But as @aibd mentioned, it should be possible to do an OTA upgrade to Android 10 Q. Don’t know why you didn’t receive it.

Same deal with Sony Xperia XA2 (/e/ installed over Android 8) - nothing since Dec.

Where can I check this? Is this information not contained in the version/build number written in the title?

So far I got no OTA upgrade to Android 10 offered. You mention users on stable which have received an OTA upgrade - is this the case on Samsung S9 or other phones?

In mentioning stable, I guess I was really drawing your attention the the fact that I think you have a Samsung which has been “stuck” on Oreo for many users until the Over The Air Upgrade to Android 10 arrived; I think it was introduced here OS OTA Upgrade of S9 / S9+ . There is useful information there including further background on build types; you can follow the story of the roll out as it was posted weekly in #development-updates.

You can find the build description in Settings > About phone > tap on Android version > /e/ version. Sometimes you can long press on /e/ version to copy to clipboard.

I am sorry, I cannot really offer an explanation why an Update has not been offered if you have it enabled. You probably already checked Settings > System updates > top right menu, Preferences and checked you have regular check enabled (it is possible to disallow it with ‘Never’ !)

On the page you mention “OS OTA Upgrade of S9 / S9+” is marked as “Release In Progress”.

The regular check is set to daily on my phone so that’s not the reason why no upgrade was of offered.

Week 08. 2022 : Development and Testing Updates

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Yes, they are there, however the phone tells me “No new updates found”.