No updates available?

Hey guys,
I’m an absolutely newbie user on e/os.
Yesterday I flashed my "unsupported phone” (ulefone 3w) with e/os and choose the right kind of melt ARM64 A/B.

But now I’m wondering why i cant update the system. Is there no opportunity to do that?

Thx for help

Sounds (and looks) like you installed a GSI.

“There will be no OTA (over the air) updates for the GSI’s. This means that the user will have to install new GSI builds manually every time it is released, or when they want want to update it.”

As for new versions …

(T or A13 = Android 13, R = Android 11, S = Android 12)

Ah okay. Get it.

I used this article for flashing.

So, yeah maybe a GSI :smiley:

To get the version t on the easist way, I wait for version T in GSI and than I flash my phone again. Right?


@Manoj: Could the content of (which isn’t too long) be merged into, so that users don’t land on the installing page without reading all the important stuff first?
Alternatively perhaps a prominent reference to at the start of would help.

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Let me check if that works.

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