Not really "deGoogled"? Connection to

I was suprised to see a connection to after getting /e/ os.

The /e/ os overview page starts with this header:

/e/OS is a complete, fully “deGoogled”, mobile ecosystem

But… it’s not?

While there is surely a technical reason, it smells a little bit like false advertising to me? Maybe add an asterisk?

There is more… Calls home when connected to private DNS (#1422) · Issues · e / Backlog · GitLab in my opinion this can never be in v1. If i see the forum i sometimes wonder if v1 is tested at all :wink: I love /e/ but sometimes i almost :cry:

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It wants to be. And considerable effort is put into this.

It’s just a label someone decides to assign afterall.
New things were added, issues were dealt with, issues persisted, issues emerged. On to 1.1 and 1.2 …


Butt adding a major new feature - Advanced Privacy - in v1.0 without testing it in v0.nn betas? Who thought that was a good idea? Seems like marketing (“We want/need to be able to say we have this, for the big launch announcement”) won, over technical (“We really should test this functionality properly before we include it in a major release”). It caused the overall quality - and the appearance of quality - of v1.0 to be significantly worse than v0.23: location “doesn’t work”, issues with accessing the network, battery draining, etc.

Really disappointing for users, and if I were a developer, I would be really angry :slight_smile:


I think the sweet spot would have been to ship advanced privacy in eOS 1.0 but turn all its features off by default (at lest for me, it was active after installing eOS 1.0). So it is there and everyone who wants to can use it, but it would not impact the user experience in cases where the users are not even aware that this thing exists.

In my experience so far, advanced privacy does exactly what it should do, but choosing to use it makes some apps not work anymore, and this cannot be resolved by more testing. Instead, everyone needs to learn or be taught what it is and when to use it.


Yes - that would have worked, and would have been a sensible approach. But unfortunately they enabled it, and as a result, they shipped an OTA update which appears to have effectively broken many users’ installations. Unforgiveable IMHO :frowning:

See also:

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Use decloudus alpha.dns no more google.But you cant reach app lounge.Fdroid ok.

/e/ removes unnecessary calls to google and anonymizes those which are necessary using microg. Also /e/ cant stop 3rd party apps making calls to google, or web pages. You need an adblocker for that.

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