Not so easy easy installer

hi experts,
i was very excited to read about the e easy-installer, and went out and bought a 2nd hand phone (samsung s9 which is supported).
but now, preparing to actually install e (on windows 10), it doesn’t sound easy at all…
i am not tech-savvy, and i don’t want to brick my phone.

TWRP? adb? fastboot? USB debugging? different builds? Heimdall? ODIN? OEM unlock? special button combinations? command lines and much more…

i’ve got so many tabs open, and so many acronyms, my head is spinning…
the easy-installer doesn’t sound easy at all…

i am feeling very confused, and don’t have confidence in the process… at all…
how shall i proceed from here?

i did come across a relevant step by step guide here [HOWTO] Install /e/ on a Samsung smartphone with Windows easily - #34 by izgimmer

but reading the comments there people are still struggling with different versions of each of the acronyms above!!

any tips?

many thanks,

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Hi @8i8 welcome to the /e/ community.

Do not start Easy Installer on Day 1! Keep those tabs open and keep reading :slight_smile:

Have a read of this:

The manual instruction set is linked from this page:

I suggest you read this a few times, remembering that Easy Installer is going to do all this for you, with your cooperation!

Please do ask again!

Bon chance


thank you for the fast response, and encouragement…
but the starlte page only confused me more!!

“remembering that Easy Installer is going to do all this for you”…
perhaps that’s part of my confusion… i mean if i use the easy installer, do i still need to follow all the instructions on that page? do i need to build heimdall, or is it included in the easy installer? or a custom recovery? do i need to download the oreo build? patch the device?
i might take up chinese :frowning:

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No, included

No, all included!

But in my view it really helps to know what to expect next. Many say that Easy Installer does not provide many clues along the way. With some good reading (and asking) you will appreciate Easy Installer “just working”. We all hope!


Jump in, I did, print out the instructions, follow the on screen prompts. I think there is one thing you have to click which if you don’t click promptly it continues the installation, withh out your selection.

Mine didn’t work after the first few attempts, but I got there in the end.

Easy installer might not be the correct name, but is better than - " Easier way to install e/os than download the relevant programs and firmware, learn all relevant commands and input them".

It’s well worth struggling to get it to work, as you end up with a great phone (I did the same as you - second hand S9 less than 2 weeks ago and loving it). I was worried about future bricking, so after getting e/os on the phone I reflashed it with Android 10 standard, to see how easy that was (and it is), then I put e/os back on, again it took a few attempts!

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good to read this for better underdtanding …

thank you.
do i need to “install adb and fastboot” on my pc before starting the easy installer?

No it is embedded in the easy-installer package

for anyone stumbling across this post i can say that I’ve successfully installed e on a samsung s9 using the the easy installer. the buttons thing to put the phone into recovery mode etc are a bit fiddley, but that’s the only thing you need to know.
coming from an iphone I’m still a bit lost and have some questions, in separate posts.
my thanks to all you techies out there,