OEM unlock missing on Samsung s9


I recently bought a repackaged s9 (1 month ago) and began to prepare the /e/ OS install. I’m tuck on the OEM unlock option which is missing. I tried the method with the date changing but after I don’t have any manual update option as it is specified ( see the method here: https://forum.xda-developers.com/t/oem-unlock-on-sm-g960f.4411133/ ). Any idea ?

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In USA we find Samsung S9 which have Qualcomm and not /e/OS supported Exynos. Qualcomm have a locked bootloader.

I have collected a number of causes of locked bootloader in this post Know your hardware - Samsung #Bootloader locked.

Have you had the phone online and in use with a SIM card for the past month ?

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Thanks aibd, yes the phone was active with a SIM, by “online” do you mean “connected to internet network” ? If so, then yes.

Anyone else would have some clue ?

There were more clues in my previous reply — are there any more things from that post you can rule out ?

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My bad, I didn’t saw there was a link on your post while reading the post on my phone, thks I’ll dig it !

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