OEM unlock missing. Samsungs9+

The setting to unlock oem is missing from the developer options on my samsung s9+.
I tried the recommended change of date but no change.
Am i doing something wrong?
Is there a workaround?

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First guess might be that you are are experiencing some form of Prenormal – clues here: Know your hardware - Samsung or maybe you are using an unsupported variant for example a SM-G965U with a locked bootloader.

Thanks for your answer…
Model no. is SM-G965U
What does that mean??
Am I s**t out of luck?
E was the only reason to buy this phone…
Is there any workaround?!

I am sorry to hear this. The USA variant is quite different, there will be other posts on the forum may have information of interest but the significant thing is that the bootloader is locked, apparently USA specifies it that way.

Perhaps the phone is returnable as it does not meet your reasonable expectation of being able to unlock it ?

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On their web site you can read for the S9+ thid:

Models Supported


Other models are not supported

To bad that this info is on the bottom of the web page :confused:

Hmmm, well this sucks…

Checking my options…
1… selling this (nice) device and looking for one with the correct model no.,

  1. or… i came across a group on telegram that will unlock it for a fee…
    I imagine we’re not supposed to discuss such matters here so i won’t go into any details… but, i mean, is that even possible?!
    Because if it is i’d probably go for that option.

Edit: i realize users don’t want to comment on gray-market topics. Neither do i, and i’m not promoting it, either. It’s just that if i compare the hassle and timescale for both options, i need to consider…

I do not remember any talk on this forum of successful unlocking of a “USA” Qualcomm Samsung 9(+). I briefly searched https://forum.xda-developers.com/ without finding anything encouraging there.

Some other threads in the forum.

My personal view – no problem being open about this – feel free to quote your sources.

You might edit your thread title to include USA, may attract USA comment.

Edit, unlocking the device is one thing but the /e/OS ROM is built for a quite different Exynos processor – this is the actual blocker.

Tip of the year… thank you…

I made that mistake, ordered pixel that was on the list of approved models, however it arrived with encrypted bootlock which you csbt unlock no matter what you do, so had to reorder the pixel version that is OEM unlocked, which is the best option out there rather than sending to private companies to mess with the bootloader decryption thst might break with aby of the updates

As you look for a replacement phone, be aware that even the EU variants of Samsung phones, although you can unlock them and install /e/OS on them, will not be able to work in the U.S., due to Samsung’s proprietary, closed source VoLTE implementation, which is lost once a custom ROM is installed.

So you should probably cross Samsung off your list.

Well i got another phone. S9+ model SM-G965F which is listed, but i still can’t find the oem unlock!!

Perhaps check out Know your hardware - Samsung # Bootloader locked.

I found that often on Samsung devices the bootloader unlock option is initially missing, but appears once you let the phone connect e.g. by wifi and update itself.

Don’t panic!!
The workaround with changing the date and doing a manual update does the trick… oem unlock shows up…phew!!

(Btw thanks for the posts re the usa… i’m not there, and in fact not sure how the phone i got was american to begin with)