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first of all I would like to thank :ok_hand: :tada: all people that are developing, creating or writing for this awesome project. It is currently the absolute best mobile operating system out there when it comes to usability. Although there are other great open source alternatives to /e/, such as Ubuntu Touch /e/ is the way to go right now.

So I would love to see the ability in /e/ OS to easy setup an offline synchronization service. So the way I would like to synchronize all my data (Pictures, Notes, Contacts, Calender, …) is just between my computer and my phone without a connection to the internet.
It would be very simple: When you come home from work at the evening you connect your phone to your wifi of your PC or router and then synchronize the data you produced today (photos taken, …) to your computer or your home server you have installed and /e/ or nextcloud inctance on.

I am not an accomplished server expert so maybe this is kind of easy to setup right now so any illuminating comments are appreciated.

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There Syncthing app and a bunch of other software for automatic synchronization, but the catch is that you still need to have something compatible installed on your desktop to make it work.


If you have an edrive account, it is working out of the box.
If you enable sync only on wifi on your device, the sync to edrive will start as soon as you are connected to your home network.
And you can access to edrive with nextcloud client. It’s available for every desktop OS


Ok Thanks,

so the solution might be to host my own server on a machine in my home network and then there should be no network traffic going out of my network anymore.



/e/ just made self-hosting possible!

I’m using the standard nextcloud server on a Rpi4.
The setup is much easier as the edrive installation and there is edrive installer available for Rpi

Ok, I have made several tests. Solutions:

  1. You can’t add your own standard nextcloud server with ecloud (accounts — /e/ )
  2. For adding an account in ecloud app you must have your own hosted edrive server with his own domain.
  3. Adding your own standard nextcloud server under accounts — WebDAV is working

Can you actually get Nextcloud file sync to work in parallel with edrive? I am stuck in a login-loop when trying to set up the standard Nextcloud app, so can for now not sync my phone with my standard nextcloud (=not edrive) instance.

The nextcloud sync app from f-droid works fine on my pie device!

Also working fine on my Oreo device.
Version is 3.9.2, don’t remember from where I got it …

I am still on Nougat (LOS 14 Athene), maybe that’s the reason. I think I read this as a known bug for that e-branch somewhere, but can not find it. Will have to upgrade it seems :wink:

My last screen picture is from Xiaomi capricorn with nougat

OK, good to know. I’ll go and take a look at the logs. Thanks for your help!

Edit: could not find anything helpful in the logs. It does however work with Nextcloud DEV app from f-droid, which is fine for me to use. So if anybody has a similar issue: try with nextcloud dev app.

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For real P2P (serverless), Syncthing (files) + DecSync CC (contacts & calendar) should get you started. No need for a server setup.
Generally I would wish to see /e/ provide DecSync-style file-based alternatives to any online features. This way, the user can freely decide whether to use server-based solutions (/e/'s or their own), P2P or to sync/backup even completely offline (USB) without any loss of features.

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Oh, DecSync CC looks nice! Thank you, I will try to set this up when I find some time.