One-evening install of /e/ OS on a Redmi Note 7 (lavender)

Luckily this phone’s unlocking happened instantaneously, saving me the 168 or 300 hours waiting time.

Yesterday I bought it at 5pm, unlocked at 6pm, started the install at 10pm and was done by midnight, which was a great surprise! So far the phone works fine.

I flashed the vbmeta.img found on MIUI blog. It wasn’t indicated in e’s instructions, but not sure if it was required either.

I must add that I was a bit familiar with the vocabulary and method, having spent beforehand 15-20 hours on an unsuccessful install with another Redmi Note (the 9). I thus started yesterday with a computer already configured for flashing a ROM (adb enabled, Xiami flashtool installed etc.).

As a newbie starting with zero clue about adb, twrp, ROM flashing, etc., I found difficult to get to the TWRP menu step following only /e/'s instructions. From there however the rest was easy to follow.

My suggestion is that I post here, in the next days, the exact set of instructions that I followed for Redmi Note 7, hoping to be helpful for other newbies as myself :wink:


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