Onedive does not work anymore

After I updated my Android 7 phone to version 0.13, the Onedrive app stopped working.
How can I fix that?

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I raised an issue on github for microG ( I think, it has to do with latest version of microG.
N.B. This is also an issue for FP3 in my case.

Same here.
I can still browse my Onedrive files with Files app, but I get a lot of popups …

It’s caused by the microG core package and will be fixed - I hope, it wouldn’t take to long to get into /e/.

Yes, but take care, they are probably stored (old) copies of your files and NOT updated with the OneDrive resources online.


has there been a solution found? I still have this issue after the new /e/ is update from January to android q on my galaxs s9.

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Yes, a new version of MicroG can be found in de /e/ App store. And it works!

Dear @wheijdra thanks for the info.

However, I am sorry, I do not find the migro g update in the /e/ app store :frowning:

Has it maybe been taken of the store?

…it’s “hidden” under Categories->System apps.

It’s still in the /e/ App store. I just checked it with my Galaxy S7 (android 7.1.2).

I trust this one?


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January 30

I trust this one?

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Yes! That is the right one.

Sorry to say but there are still some glitches w/Onedrive & microg. Crashes a lot even after recent update.

hmmm so no real solution found i guess?