Oneplus 6T McLaren Edition (Global) Identified as T-Mobile Version!

When I connect to the Easy Installer, my phone is erroneously identified as the T-Mobile version, instead of the Oneplus 6T Global unlocked. I states my device isn’t supported… Can you please correct this?
Or is the McLaren Edition not really supported…???

Hi @bcavazos,

This should help. Your phone would need to be manually flashed without the Easy Installer.

These links as well. I have flashed 2 OnePlus 6Ts successfully if you need any help. Both my phones were non-McLaren Editions but they were originally locked to T-Mobile’s network. If you have never flashed before there is a bit of a learning curve. Once you learn how to do it once or twice it becomes much easier. You may or may not need the second link 1: depending if your phone has already been carrier (Tmobile, ATT, etc.) unlocked and 2: depending or not if the bootloader was unlocked previously.