OnePlus 7T: Fingerprint not recognized

Hey guys, I’ve been trying to get the fingerprint functionality to work but it just won’t recognize any of my fingers after adding and deleting them multiple times.

I see that other OnePlus users have brought this issue up before and that it was supposed to have been fixed in the latest release, but I’m currently facing that issue. Any help?

Thanks in advance!

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After messing with the fingerprint scanner in a variety of scenarios, I’m thinking that for /e/ OS I have to press my finger lighter than on the stock OS. I’m getting through much more now, hope this helps someone else!

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@Bernd15 Yes, your interpretation is correct—I think tapping lightly helps a little bit. I also ended up scanning my fingers twice to have multiple fingerprints of the same finger, which I think has increased the success rate.

I will say that at night, for whatever reason, my fingerprints are hardly ever recognized. Not sure why that is :man_shrugging: Hope that helps!

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Thanks a lot, but what should be the reason for…?
I will testing this evening.

The reason it doesn’t scan as well during the night? I’m not sure…maybe my hands are just dirtier haha :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I`ve tested your tips, but nothing will help!
I think it is an “e” problem.
With lineageOs it is ok, I have heard…

Same Problem here since several months with the OP 7T. When I installed /e/ about a year ago the fingerprint reader worked flawless. I dont know exactly which update it was, I believe it was V1.0, the reader was suddenly not reliable anymore. Since then im hoping with every update for a fix…

A bit different topic, but still fingerprint on Oneplus 7T (Android 11 stable /e/OS).
My experience is that I have to wake up the screen to use fingerprint sensor.
It seems that when screen is off, fingerprint sensor is also off.
Is there a solution/setting for this?

Just discovered that when i manually increase the brightness, it recognizes my fingerprint very reliable. Very interesting. Of course manually increasing brightness is not quicker than entering the unlock pattern, so it is not a solution, but maybe can be a hint to devs.
I have a glass protector, so maybe this also complicate things.