OnePlus 7T 'No Touch Display' after install

Yes everything was fine, I got this final message
Total xfer: 1.00x
No error message

The lemonadep issue from which the idea was inspired is a recovery flashing issue - you have managed to flash the recovery each time. Regarding the failure to install it seems that providing specially extracted dtbo.img + vbmeta.img was not useful.

As said for hotdog here OnePlus 7T 'No Touch Display' after install - #3 by Gianna I think we have to assume that the build is flawed. Perhaps you are tempted to Report an issue.

I just had success today with the latest dtbo.img vbmeta.img from
And the LOS recovery - this is the only recovery that flashes successfully for me. EOS and TWRP appear to succeed, but they don’t boot).
And the EOS 1.11-r
Good luck to everyone with a OnePlus and no touch screen!

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I’m having the same issue on my 7T (hotdogb). I used MSM tool to flash the latest stock Oxygen OS 12 on it. Then I did the Command Line install of Stable /e/ OS S because the Easy Installer downloads R still. Install of Stable S went great but then no touchscreen at the “Welcome to /e/ OS” screen. I also tried dev builds of 1.11 and 1.9. Same issue. I used the latest dtbo.img and vbmeta.img files dated 5/21. @mikefreeman did you get /e/ OS S to work on your 7T or just R? I did report this as a bug here Touchscreen does not work after command line install of /e/ OS S on hotdogb (#6981) · Issues · e / Backlog · GitLab

It might sound a little brainless on my part, but I didn’t realise right away that I had flashed r, not s! Which explains why I ended up with Android 11 on my 7T. I also have a problem with my fingerprint reader. It accepts the setup, but almost never works when I try to unlock the phone. No idea if this is the hardware or firmware. Anyway, I will do my best to correctly flash ‘s’ in the next 24 hours and give feedback regardless of outcome.

The fingerprint issue has been going on for awhile. It was reportedly worked on for R 1.10. But issue still persists. I reported it here Week 18. 2023: Development and Testing Updates - /e/OS Smartphone Operating System / Development Updates - /e/OS community. It happens to my wife’s phone and mine; we both have the 7T. I still need to report the bug in GitLab. As you can see in the Week 21 update the touchscreen issue is a known problem that seems to be caused by the partition files referencing Android 13 and not matching the install files of /e/ OS version S (Android 12). Should be fixed with /e/ OS T (Android 13).
Since /e/ OS S doesn’t work yet on the 7T I decided to install LinageOS 20 on my 7T. LineageOS 20 has Android 13. So far so good. No touchscreen issues and no fingerprint issues. I’ll likely go back to /e/ OS when T is released and the touchscreen and fingerprint reader work as they should.

I also very much regret that /e/OS currently does not work on my OnePlus 7 T Pro and I had to switch to LineageOS 20.0. It is possible that I will find my way back to /e/OS when there should be a working version ‘T’ V1.12 or higher.

Now I 've a very good alternative to LOS 20.0 installed. Since I’ill not make a possibly misunderstood advertising for another ROM, no naming. The ROM is also based on the LineageOS source code like /e/OS and also runs on Android 13 - with the serious advantage that it provides signature spoofing support and thus different variants of microG can be installed - from a microG minimal version (only microG Services Core, Fake Store and Maps API) to the standard edition including Google Play Store. A very seen featrure is also - the microG application can be uninstalled and reinstalled at any time without negatively affecting the overall system. The CustomROM is available for the OnePlus 7 series and its guacamole, hotdog, hotdogb and hotdogg models.

I’ve gone down the LineageOS 20 on my 7T route too. I did it just to check if the problems were EOS specific (Which they clearly are). It’s swings and roundabouts for me. I like them both, but about 60/40 in favour of EOS (when it works!). Now, biometrics works. My touch screen works! I also have advanced restart back again. I use almost entirely F-Droid sourced Apps, so I don’t think I will miss the EOS Store much either. Worth mentioning - I have had much better support experience from /e/ than from LOS. In fact, I have had positively unpleasant experiences with one LOS dev, such that I wouldn’t ever ask them for help again.

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I forgot that LineageOS does not come with microG so I have to go back to e OS R because there are some apps I need to have that require microG services. I’m looking forward to e OS T which should be released soon according to the Week 22 update I read today.
I’m curious what that ROM is you are using. Is it privacy focused? Can you share the name?

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It can be found here:

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Thank you for that. How do I install that? Do I sideload that using ADB?

Yes adb sideload

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Ok I see, under the section “Install additional add-ons”. Thank you for the information!

Also, is that an official LinageOS site? Just being cautious.

I felt it was OK to provide the link to the ROM as you have experienced extreme difficulty with the current /e/OS build … but I would feel a little uncomfortable if I could be seen as providing support for, from which you will find the ROM linked. :slight_smile:

Maybe you should read up on LineageOS for microG on their pages, it is rather more “barebones” than /e/OS.


So I was incorrect in saying I install that in the additional add ons section of the instructions. That would actually be the file I use to do the full install.

Installed the hotdog version on mu Oneplus 7t pro, and after having the ‘no touch’ issue found this entry on the forum…

How big is the chance that this issue is solved with the upcoming anounced ‘T’ version? I then will just await that version.

Hoping it will. Since the issue is probably related to the partition mismatch then e OS T should work fine because all the files will reference Android 13.

How can you ask me here in public if I can tell you the name of the Custom ROM I’m currently using? I’ve clearly explained why I don’t do that here.

By the way: LineageOS and LineageOS-for-microG are ‘neither secure nor privacy-friendly’. To trim LineageOS and LineageOS-for-microG to the /e/ level regarding privacy friendliness, some ‘screws need to be turned’ and manually touched up. This is proven by the test of the article series Custom ROMs

I’m very curious how /e/OS will perform with the test phone Pixel 6a in the text of the renowned expert and corresponds with the study from March 25, 2021 of the security researchers around Douglas J. Leith, School of Computer Science & Statistics, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland.

I’m sorry about that. I should not have asked that here.
Yes, I’m curious too how /e/ OS will grade out. Hopefully well because it is my favorite custom ROM and the team works reaaly hard to provide a reliable and secure OS.