Oneplus 8 instantnoodle

Hi everyone.

I would like to gather here us, who use Oneplus 8 with eos.

Has anyone updated to the android version 11 → 12?

I seem to have dev version of 1.5, would like to upgrade to android 12 but before that, I would like to know, is it better to switch to stable 1.5 with android 11?

Is there going to be stable version with android 12 soon?

This is what I have now:
e_instantnoodle-user 11 RQ3A.211001.001 eng.root.20221030.210018 dev-keys

And next question, can you switch dev to stable just by sideload? And if so, does this empty my installed apps and everything else?

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Oneplus 9 gatecrasher here!
Just wanted to point out that upgrading to eOS 12 would require installing stock android 12 first, before flashing e.

Thanks @chrisrg for this information. What I have searched, it is wild jungle to find right version or file for stock android to install. Too scary to play with daily driver…

I found, that Oneplus offers official .zip file to download from their website.

How do I install it, to go back to stock rom and update to eos S?

It seems that Oneplus 8 is now supportet by easy installer.

Have anyone tried it yet?

this is an easy-installer report for a oneplus8 install: Install /e/ with easy installer

but had issues that were resolved by going through the lineage install docs that had some extras

Have anyone tried to install stock android on op8? Are there bulletproof instructions available to upgrade from android 11 to 12? I haven’t found good instructions to do it by myself, I even tried some guides but was not able to install stock android. Luckily, I manage to install back to eos, but I am intrested to upgrade to android 12. Only problem is the “back to stock android first” part.

Does it really need the stock version first, if I wanted to upgrade to eos S? And why is that upgrading is this difficult?

And this is mainly about this to get banking apps working (if I understood it right)