OnePlus 8 Pro: What version of original Android is required for the easy installer?

It is december 2023.

My current specs:

OnePlus 8 Pro.
Android 12 (OxygenOS 12.1 with security update of October 2022)

Available options:

Update to Android 13.

What should I do to install /e/OS?

According to, OnePlus 8 Pro is compatible with the easy installer, but there are two builds:
Build versions

    T (dev)
    R (stable)
  • What does R and T mean? I cannot find official documentation about these numbers.
  • What does R mean? Somewhere I read R is Android 11. Is this correct? So in that case I would need to downgrade to Android 11, but I don’t want that.
  • What is T? “dev” implies, it is the development version. Following the alphabetical sequence of R > S > T, one could assume T is Android 13? If so, I would need to to update my Phone to Android 13 first, before I try to install /e/OS with the easy installer. Is this correct?

I would be happy about any kind of pointers or help. It is my first time installing /e/OS.

Indeed :

  • R is for “Red Velvet Cake” the original codename of the android system version 11
  • S is for “Snow Cone” the original codename of the android system version 12
  • T is for “Tiramisu” the original codename of the android system version 13

The easy installer is expected to install stable builds but, as i understood from actualities thread, not yet T builds…

Option :

  • Downgrade to A11 to install latest /e/-R-stable.
  • Stay to A12 and Install outdated and not maintened anymore /e/-S-dev nomore updates to wait.
  • Upgrade to A13 to install latest /e/-T-dev.

From my point of view the last one is the best choice.

IMPORTANT ! : This /e/OS v1.18 includes the Android security patches available until November
So choose an older OnePlus Stock Firmware !

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Thanks. I think I will wait a little. Hoping for a stable T release in January. It is unclear to me, if and how to migrate from a development version to the stable version.