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OP Nord installation instructions can lead to problems.

The instructions tell the user to update to latest android ota on device befrore starting. This is android 11.

eOS available version is Q.

Also, in the “Installing e from recovery” section the wipe/format instructions given are for twrp where all of the instructions up to this point do not mention twrp.It would be better to describe the factory reset/format data steps required in e-recovery, to avoid confusion.

Please edit the instructions.


Thanks for the feedback. Will have the documentation updated.

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If anyone needs to downgrade from Android 11 to 10 on OnePlus Nord I have followed a guide, it works and it is very easy, but I can’t post link here.
I posted it in my thread in the OnePlus section.

Update by moderator:
Hi @sceriffo the downgrade link is posted here

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I’m trying to flash e/so on my newly bought OnePlus Nord “avicii”.

Everything was going flawlessly until I reached the stage where it asks to “Return to previous menu and tap Advanced Wipe” in E Recovery.

I simply don’t have an “Advanced Wipe” option in that menu !

I did the Wipe and Format Data stage, but there is no Advanced Wipe anywhere.

Then the next stage is the same, it says : selected Advanced and ADB Sideload…

Well there is no ADB Sideload option.

There is something wrong with the instructions. Help please ?

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Yes, it’s the instructions. Hang on until I find a link…

Go to this post to follow instructions for wipe and format specifically in e-recovery

There is also lots of useful info further down that post…


Thank you for pulling the thread ! I was really scared to brick my device.

The instructions should be updated, it’s scary ahah !

I’m now loading the os into the phone.


I installed /e/ on a brand new OnePlus Nord today following these instructions: Install /e/ on a OnePlus Nord - “avicii”. As I am new to /e/, and there is no explicit TWRP installation step in the instructions, I mistook the recovery system as downloaded (recovery-e-0.19-q-20211027142972-stable-avicii.img) for TWRP. I failed to find the “wipe” buttons described and, after much contemplation, finally resolved to upload the new /e/ firmware via adb without prior formatting.

Now the device is in a boot loop and displays endlessly the bouncing e logo. I can force power off (Vol+ and PWR for 10 seconds). Upon repowering I get the warning message about the unlocked boot loader and I can interrupt the boot process (PWR button), but nothing much happens after that.

Adb and fastboot cannot make a connection to the device.

Any chance to revive the phone? Any help much appreciated!


I meanwhile managed to boot into fastboot (power off, press VOL- and PWR long).
I then uploaded the recovery image again (fastboot flash recovery recovery-e-xxx.img) and booted into it.
More when I have the courage to go on, need some sleep now…

Did your phone have Android 10 on it when you started this? If you had 11 you would need to restore stock before moving on.

With e-recovery on the phone the next step would be to do the “copy partitions” procedure.

Then you can move on to format data etc. Follow the steps in this post:

Good luck!

PS: heres a How-to with pictures showing e-recovery. But don’t forget, copy partitions first.

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@chrisrg: thanks for the support. I now understand that the /e/ recovery does the required formatting, making TWRP unnecessary. Partitions are copied (the ‘a’ and ‘b’ slot thing, right?). With the given instructions I did the formatting and I am now just ready to sideload /e/ via adb from the recovery image.

However, I am not sure whether I upgraded to Android 11 by following the instructions for installing /e/. I confess I did not pay much attention as I expected everything to be replaced with /e/ anyway. Apparently /e/ does not replace the whole installation, though.

How would I downgrade to Android 10 at this stage?

That method will only work if the orignal android can be booted, I think.

Ami I right in thinking
You cannot boot the original os any more, and
You were on android 11?

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So, maybe simply replace the /vendor.img ?

What do you think of that @chrisrg ?
it is the constated result of what Easy-Installer does for the s9

Yes, I think this is the case.
Is there a developer version of /e/ for Android 11 that I could flash, to downgrade later?

I think @manoj should unlock the original topic posted by birnbacs so that we can carry on there.

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Could I make things worse by just trying to flash Q over Android 11? Or is it woth a try?

I don’t think it would work; the phone would probably bootloop or hang. I’m just looking at things here and considering @piero 's question.

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I don’t know. It’s starting to go beyond my present understanding when talking about just bits of the os.

I was looking at the restore method on xda which I’ve done recently with OP6

I come at this more intuitively rather than technical ( in some aspects) in the sense that I “feel” that a full set of restored partitions of the desired Android 10 is called for as the base for the eOS?

On that xda thread though it says it is only for unbranded phones, and I’m not sure I understand that. Do you ?

I am agree with you a clean, base in safer !
Here another interesting xda thead to restore back to earlier version, even if bricked (that’s not the case here)