Only E-network in Germany

With me is in front of the folders oem_2903 and oem_2904, which must not be!?

When I enter the commands mentioned there, only the following appears: chown: bad user ‘rfs’ and at the end it still says oem… in front of the folders.

I still have to deal with the other links.

whatever you do, make sure you have partition backups (as partition image) before you do modifications, especially of that /persist. Use fastboot. Will take away lots of frustration.

I didn’t evaluate the xda imei=0 post in detail before linking, it just skimmed it - sorry. In closer detail, it targets Nougat. For Oreo (Android 8) ownership was changed to what I see in your screenshots (you downloaded an Oreo image from lolinet).

It’s best to look at the raw user/groupid with “ls -ln”. Not sure how the post can apply to you - you already have the Oreo ownerships (uid:gid) set to 2903:2903 on the rfs directory in the persist, so it should recover?
I don’t know the Code that does repopulate the modemst partitions - so hard to check.

Don’t know what to recommend. You’d need to read the whole 20+ page thread to see feedback. Others (not g5s though) flashed Nougat, booted, flashed Oreo, and got their imei back - some init/update process doing its thing. Seeing the Code that does repopulate the modem partitions can help.

Here’s some info I took from the montana (mountpoints are /e/ though) for comparison