Password managers

I have been using KeepassXC, and the various compatible plugins and apps for password management. However I became tired of the bugs. When the plugin fails to insert the full password into a login then its not working.

So looking for alternatives I am tending towards Enpass and Bitwarden. Both cover the full range of systems (I need Android and iOS, Linux Mac and Windows coverage). They have both been independently audited, and seem to be actively supported. They both support TOTP (which I would like to have). The pros/cons I see are:

Enpass: Passwords stored off line, using any of a range of cloud servers to sync passwords. It is possible to set-up multiple field logins (e.g. my airline frequent flier needs member number, name and password to log in). Exodus lists no trackers. However it is closed source.

Bitwarden: Open source. However passwords stored on their server, and a hashed master password is also stored there (this is the main concern for me), also according to Exodus the app has trackers.

As many here are well tuned in to privacy / security I would appreciate any thoughts or comments.

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