Pfd viewer plus - latest version

Hi, I have a problem with PDF viewer plus, the version we have is 3.2 but there is a more recent one in Apps (3.7). Unfortunately, we can’t download and replace it, is there a reason for that?
I hoped that the newer version of /e/os would include the latest version of PDF viewer plus but it’s not the case, too bad !
I’m craving for the newest version of PDF viewer plus because there are some PDF documents that I can’t open now :frowning:
Thanks for your help !

PS: I’m using a galaxy S7

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The reason is that /e/ include the old version of Pdf Viewer Plus as a (hidden) system app. It may be possible to uninstall the system version - search the forum for “Uninstall system apps” - and then install the up-to-date version from F-Droid

Indeed, if /e/ is going to include apps as system apps, even though many people have no need or use for them - they really should make a point of always including the most recent version. I was going to suggest creating an issue in gitlab, but there’s one there already:

The defect has 3.3 as the ‘target’ but it hasn’t been modified since January this year. I have added a comment to the issue, but you might want to add one yourself.

Good luck

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Thanks mate for all these informations, I’m going to do as you recommend.
Good you posted a comment on gitlab, I don’t need to do it then :wink: