Pi/e/ test ROM for Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S - "polaris"

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Today,Oneclickroot tried to flash the latest unofficial build of polaris on my Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S,but that didn’t work out.The phone get stuck in the “controlling for updates”.
Then they wanted tot install Lineage,but my phone got stuck in the booting.So they had to flash stock ROM again.Sad and again i can’t leave google.
What’s wrong with the flahing of the /e/ROM?


I have no idea what “controlling for updates” could be? Do you have a Screenshot by any chance? Is that before, during or after the flashing? Did the phone boot?


I don’t have screenshots.The phone controlled for updates after it was booting.It was like when they flashed stock ROM and google is looking for updates,before getting set up.

Never heard of issues at this step. If there are connectivity issues for whatever reason it sould timeout eventually.

I’ve install the last update on the last of august today and my device never boot on system after the install. I had Magisk installed on it. I am completely stuck with TWRP… Any help would be welcome!

Does anybody have saved the last version of august and can put it somewhere on the net?

Is it maybe still in /data/lineageos_updates (check via twrp)? It should reside there unless you explicitly delete it from updater app

unfortunately, I’ve removed everything on my device… But after further test, I thing we have a bug on this image since it builds again. It could be great to put back the last image of august on the server if possible, I cannot use /e/ anymore sadly

I’ve tried lineage-16.0-20190807-nightly-polaris-signed.zip and it is working but there is no update of lineage since… I think this is the last build I had before I broke my device yesterday.

It seems to be a problem of firmware version.
@thilo Do you know the firmware version needed by the last image ?