Pie coming on /e/ soon!

The /e/OS development is accelerating! Here is our first running build with Pie! We are industrializing all this so we should be ready to move quicker on porting to the upcoming Android Q!



Good news !
Will it be available for all device currently supported by /e/ ?

Hi @Ceddev all devices which have official Lineage 16.0 ROM’s will be eligible for /e/ pie ROM’s.


I’ve often wondered about this, and it has not been clear to me regarding what goes into the decision about which version of android an /e/ phone will have:

I understand that a certain device will be able to work with only certain versions of Android. But from there it is a black box, magical process to me.

  1. How is it determined that my /e/ phone can have a version of /e/ based upon the new Android version?

  2. Will updates from /e/ provide the new Android version for my /e/ phone?

  3. What is the role of LineageOS in all this?

  4. Whatever the role of LineageOS may be, how do they decide which device (and when) will get the new Android version?

And I will add a fifth question.
Will /e/OS always be bound to Lineage OS major Android version updates?
Or do /e/ have in mind to go out on its own, do the Android version migration directly on /e/ project. All this when maybe the project will be viable enough? (More devs, more financial incomes, etc)

These questions have been answered across this forum in different threads but since they are all here in a group let me answer them each one by one

Firstly if it is supported by the next version of Lineage then we go for an upgrade. In some devices this has not happened since we have noticed issues with OTA updates not working correctly for that device. If the user has to manually flash each new build then it defeats the purpose of being a supported device.

If you mean the next upgraded OS will come OTA then yes that is the way we want to do it.

As you may be aware Lineage OS is a fork of Android source code (AOSP). /e/ is a fork of Lineage. At the moment we are building ROM’s for devices supported by Lineage. We are looking for Device Maintainers who can build for un supported devices. If users who have experience can volunteer for the task it would be great.

If the question is how Lineage decides on the upgrades they are totally dependent on the device maintainers who volunteer to build for specific devices. Usually it could be devices they own personally. For details specific to Lineage you would have to check their website or wiki for details.


/e/ wants to be completely independant so it is planned to leave LOS, it just needs time and ressources.
When a device is dropped by LOS, it’s still supported by /e/ by the way.


I do not know how to interpret what you are saying.

Are you saying that if a phone is supported by LOS, and there is also an /e/ version for it, but then LOS for whatever reason stops supporting that phone, but, after that a new android version that works on that phone is published, that /e/ will provide an OTA to that phone that will then have /e/ based on that new android version?

OK, thank you for the precision

It depends on device mainteners we have but yes it might be possible to have a new version of Android on a non supported device by LOS. A few phoned supported by /e/ aren’t supported by LOS by the way.

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