Pie ROM for Galaxy N7100 (t03g)

Hello community!

Thanks /e/ for keeping my 7 years old phone alive. I am the one who uses his stuff until it is physically broken.

I was using a Pie ROM before /e/OS and except a few things it runs nice and smooth. My request from /e/ devs is that could you take this ROM, debug and make it /e/OS? I’d love to learn to code and do it myself but since I am a bit older citizen it is hard for me to learn such things (p.s I tried). I’d really appreciate and more than be happy if somebody could make this happen.

Here’s a link to Pie ROM: https://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-note-2/development/rom-lineageos-16-0-20190112-comico-t3889281

Thank you.

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pls have a look in the HowTo section. You will find a lot tutorials for building eOS for any LOS supported device

and some more

Sorry it is just too confusing for me @harvey186

@ Anonyme is now preparing a How To build /e/ for newbee…
So wait and try…
For now enjoy the official /e/OS dev nougat build for your ROM

Once I will succeed (if I do) so not coming soon I think :yum:

I do also have a Note2 in my shelf. When I have some time left I will try building for. In the moment I’m tuning the mini-eOS version. So no build ressourcen available

I have started the build. So let’s see what happens. It will need more than 8 hours.

I’m trying to build with the device sources from the xda guy and eOS sources.
The source sync will need… I think more than an hour from now. Than the build will start. And if there will be no fail, tomorrow the eOS version will be ready.
If it fails, bad, and I will go back to my other project.

Don’t know about the bugs. But eOS is created with los sources, so if los sources does have bugs, eOS will.also have.

Build doesn’t start because of missing make files. So I stop here for the moment.

EDIT: I’m sorry, I have build eOS with the sources from XDA / comico. But it isn’t booting :frowning:
I have written a post on XDA but I think there won’t be any help (I never have gotten help on XDA)

EDIT: it’s booting now [CUSTOM BUILD] Pi/e/ test ROM for Galaxy Note2 (N7100)