Pixel 2 walleye support

Hi, I’m looking for support for pixel 2 walleye.

Kind regards

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This device is officially supported by LineageOS, so making an /e/ ROM should be pretty straightforward

Has no one for it yet? Not sure how I would go about it.

Looks like someone did build it. Search for “unofficial walleye” in the forums. Sorry I can’t posy a direct link at the moment

I found this [UNOFFICIAL BUILD] Google Pixel 2 / 2 XL (walleye / taimen) - #13 by muffinmaster

Do you think I can just flash over android 11.6?

Or will I have to flash stock again?

Is also like to see Pixel 2 walleye support. LineageOS did start official development in September 2020 with an official release in April 2021.

+1 for /e/ support for the Google Pixel 2 (Walleye)! :slight_smile: