Pixel 2 walleye

Looking like to install this on a pixel 2. I’m sure a guy call Wilson was able to do but don’t have a tutorial.

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I’m sorry, but there is no eOS rom for walley available. Some people have tried the GSI but it was failing.
So I only see one chance: build it for your own. … and the other users

For the Pixel 2 there are security updates for Android and support guaranteed until October 2020. This also applies to Pixel 2 with custom ROM GrapheneOS (legacy).

Try for example an unofficial custom ROM [9.0.0] LineageOS 16.0 [walleye], if you like the handling at all.

I was looking at lineage and microg. Do you have a tutorial at all?

Lineage has a nice wiki

my opinion with pixel 2, your best official options right now would be CalyxOS (more like /e/ with microg) or GrapheneOS which is without microg, i personally use graphene on a pixel 2xl as my daily and suits me great. Both are security hardened roms on Android 10 with ability to re-lock bootloader and with verified boot. But like archje says, no more official support by google from october 2020 so pixel 2 line-up will no longer get updates being on graphene or calyx as devs wont have any new updates/patches to work with.

Try out these installation instructions: LineageOS Wiki: Install LineageOS on sailfish or /e/ documentation Install /e/ on a Google Pixel - “sailfish”. microG can at best be installed later with a microG Patcher .zip via TWRP Recovery.

unofficial builds available here

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